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Before the subCommittee on Veteran's Affairs United States house of representatives Regarding The Department of Veterans Affairs Fiscal Year 08 Budget Request

February 14, 2007

VVA urges this Subcommittee, and your colleagues on Appropriations, to make this the year that this sloppy nonsense and dissembling is stopped once and for all. Accountability will only come about when Congress absolutely demands that these folks be fully accountable for performance, and for accounting for each and every taxpayer dollar.

Thank you again, Mr. Chairman, for allowing Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) to submit this statement for the record regarding the level of resources necessary for the veterans’ health care so vitally needed by veterans of every generation. We hope these thoughts and recommendations prove to be of some use to you in the vital work of helping to ensure that the resources, and the accountability mechanisms, are in place to get the job for every generation of veterans that has earned the right to medical care by virtue of their service.  

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