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Before the Committee on Veteran's Affairs United States House of Representatives Regarding The Department of Veterans Affairs Fiscal Year 07 Budget Request

February 8, 2006

VVA believes that there is much more that can be done with the funding for the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) to achieve better training, supervision, and greater accountability using existing legal means. Having said that, VVA still believes that there are not enough adjudicators in the Compensation & Pension system, and that as many as 300 FTE are needed in addition to those they have recently hired.  

Further, VVA strongly believes that:

  1. The VA Vocational Rehabilitation system is grossly understaffed, particularly in rural areas
  2. We need the right people with the right skills in these vocational rehabilitation jobs who will concentrate on helping veterans
  3. We cannot rely on the state work force development agencies to get the job done for veterans, particularly disabled veterans and returning servicemembers, despite the often-heroic actions of staffers
  4. There are no means within the system to ensure the Jobs for Veterans Act is being properly implemented at the state and local level
  5. We need to concentrate at the moment on something we can affect. We seek to have the VA Vocational Rehabilitation system do a much better job helping disabled veterans find and keep decent jobs through hiring additional staff, providing proper training, and ensuring effective supervision.

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