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May/June 2006

Preaching Benefits


First I would like to thank Jack Haigwood from Chapter 649 in Batavia, Ohio, for stepping up and taking over the Buckeye State Council Secretary position. Jack officially took over in February. I have been able to attend meetings in all four states in Region 5. Thanks, Jack, and good luck. I am confident youíll be an asset to the State Councilís Board of Directors.

In February, I attended Michiganís State Council meeting in Lansing. I didnít let anyone know I was coming, so everyone was surprised to see me. My thought was that as a National Board member, I answer to our members. I am not some executive to be coddled, but someone who is available to help bring issues to the national office from the states and information from national to the states. The flow of information needs to go both ways. I spoke about the upcoming Veterans Disability Benefits Commission and urged all who could attend and testify to do so.

I also attended the Buckeye State Council board meeting in February. Jack did a good job during his first meeting as the new Secretary. I again talked about the Benefits Commission and the need to make our presence known. I am happy to report that Ohio State Council President Dave Whaley is in much better health after surgery.

March took me to the Illinois State Council meeting. Butch Huber fined me for no real reason, as he does everyone at his meetings. I attended a service representative training course for chapter coordinators and service reps. I was really impressed with the presentation. They used role play, slide presentation, and question-and-answer periods. I again spoke about the Veterans Benefits Commissionís upcoming meeting in Chicago.

I attended the Indiana State Council meeting in March at the old Fort Harrison. They have both a meeting room and a product sales room. Itís nice to go to Indianapolis. I have brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins all around.

On April 11, I traveled to Chicago for the much-anticipated Veterans Benefits Commission Town Hall Meeting.

Representatives from all four states in Region 5 attended and gave testimony. Although it was my birthday, I would not have wanted to be anywhere else because of the need for veterans to continue to receive the benefits they earned. This will have an effect on us and on all veterans.

I thank all who attended, whether they testified or not. The support for our veterans means a lot. Keep up the good work in Region 5.


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