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The Locator is intended to help veterans find former fellow servicemembers.  We do not run items for those seeking employment, selling merchandise, or "personal" ads.  Nor do we run notices for children searching for absent parents.  VVA does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, nor does VVA endorse any group, individual, or cause cited herein.

Message from the UK trying to find Sgt. Bobby L. Jones, who served in Vietnam 1967-1968. I believe he was from California and had a burning desire to buy a Pontiac Le Mans. If anyone has any information, please contact: Janis Shawashi,

Looking for anyone who served with the 3rd Engineer Bn., 3rd Marine Div., 1371 Combat Engineers. My husband died in 2001 with Agent Orange-related illness. Contact:

Seeking contact with anyone who served aboard U.S.S Tanner (AGS-15) sound boat crews in Vietnam. Contact: Noel M. Switzer, P.O. Box 615, Fort Monmouth, NJ 07703;

Trying to find two guys from an attack of Aug. 20, 1968. I was known as “Frenchie” back at CAP 2-4-3 at the time. Details are vague: LCpl. Hall and a blond “surfer dude” from California, first name Steve. I was also with Bravo 1/7 from Feb 28, 1968-July 1, 1968, on Operation Worth and Operation Mameluke Thrust, and would love to connect with a machine gunner named Morgan from Machine Gun Squad Bravo 1/7. Contact: Wilfred F. “Wil” Lirette, 12 Northampton Place, Coto de Caza, CA 92678; 949-589-1998 (office); 949-636-1209 (cell);

Does anyone out there have information about the Wildflecken Veterans Association? Contact: Robert L. Yancy, 8300 Wren Place, Laurel Hill, NC; 910-462-3833;

Seeking anyone who served with 3rd MAF CAP Unit, Delta 1 and Delta 3, USMC, 1967-68. Also looking for Sgt. Parker. Contact: Victor M. Forget, Jr., 217 Douglas Pike, N. Smithfield, RI 02896, 401-765-7722.

Searching for James Parker Briggett, who served with me at the Navy Barracks in Norfolk in 1965 and also with Naval Reserve, Winston-Salem, N.C. Last known address on New Walkertown Road in Winston-Salem. Contact: Wilbert Andrew Allen, Sr., 209 Clayton St., Winston-Salem, NC 27105.

Trying to find Capt. Kramer (possibly spelled Cramer), CO, A Co., 1st Bn, 27th Inf., 25th Inf. Div., Cu Chi, October 1967. Contact: Tom Sachs, 7320 Deer Rd., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494; 715-423-8445.

Looking for Jerry L. Daniels from Yuma, Arizona. Jerry did three tours in Vietnam. Last known info: SEALs SCUBA instructor in San Diego. I saw him last in 1976 in Los Angeles; he was then a sergeant. Contact: Phillip A. Terry, P.O. Box 15731, Lenexa, KS 66285;

Seeking anyone who was ever flown off a Navy ship to any landbase in Vietnam without written TDY orders. Contact: Mike Caulfield, P.O. Box 1586, Helena, MT 59624;

In search of anyone who was in 64th QM, 47th Trans. Co. Would love to hear in particular from Dave Flower, Steve Bailey, Cliff Chapman, or Dan Irgram. Contact: Richard T. (“Dick”) Morgan, 12522 Lisa Dr., NE, Cumberland, MD 21502; 301-777-1746.

Need to locate physicians who saw me at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Dec. 1971. Handwritten signatures on medical records look like “J. R. Ditzler” and “Thomas A. Merriel” or possibly “Thomas A. Merrine.” I was Capt. Kathryn Wilson at the time. Contact: Kathryn Wilson Disbrow, 1485 State Rt. 14, Penn Yan, NY 14527;

Looking for my good friends Douglas Paul George (originally from Pittsburgh or Chicago) and John Bauer from Germantown, Tenn. We served together in 527th MP Co., Long Binh Plantation, January-March1973. Contact: Gary Michael Fredenburg, 840 McKinley Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14220; 716-827-7145.

Did you serve with me in India Co., 3rd Bn., 7th Marine Reg., 1st MARDIV at Hill 10? Need confirmation on an all-night fight, heavy casualties on both sides, perimeter overrun. Need help with VA claim. Contact: Michael Biancofiori, 2423 Ernst, Franklin Park, IL 60131, 847-815-9025.

Need help with PTSD claim. Urgently seeking Ed Frost, Jay Frost, (from Detroit), and Dick Kensinger (from Johnstown, Pa.). Must discuss service with C Co, 158th Av. Bn., 101st Airborne, Camp Eagle, Phu Bai, Nov. 1970-May 1971. Contact: Bruce D. Hedrick, 4708 Venable Ave., Apt. 3, Charleston, WV 25304; 304-542-0743.

Seeking anybody who served with the “Vung Tau Vultures,” 611th Trans. Co., 1962-64. Contact: Dallas R. Doughty, PSC-89 Box 7000, APO AE 09822.

Would love to hear from anybody who served with Col. Howard K. Hostler. He was a major on his first tour, a colonel on his second. Col. Hostler died two years ago and I’m seeking to confirm info for his son. Contact: Dwight Lorenz, 14223 N. Tumblebrook Way, Sun City, AZ 85351-2351; 623-444-2438;

Searching for anybody who served with me in Co. D, 1/6, 198th Light Infantry Bgde., Americal Div., RVN 1967-68. Contact: Hockless Bryant, 1401 NW 103 St., Apt. 232, Miami, FL 33147; 305-694-9607.

Would enjoy communicating with any past members of the 540th Trans. Co based at Qui Nhon between March 1968-March 1969. Contact: William B. Shelton, 6321 Covered Bridge Rd., Gladys, VA 24554; 434-283-4489.

I was with HHC 3rd Brigade (Security Platoon), 1st Cav Div., January-June 1969. Looking for Leo Foreman, Johnson, Logan, Royality, Griffin or anyone who served with me. Contact: Donald E. Smith, 45 Nelson Rd., Dexter, ME 04930; 207-924-5357.

Looking for Leffler, Morgan, Smith, Wilson, or anybody else who was at Red Catcher Training Center, 199th Infantry, Feb.-Oct. 1968. Contact: Gary Raines, 920 Chiquita St., Denton, TX 76205; 214-662-3082.

Robert Lee Whitt, where are you? We were stationed with Charlie Co., 1st Bn., 54th Inf. in Bamberg, Germany, 1966-67. In October 1967 you went to a river patrol unit in RVN, me to a mechanized infantry unit. You attended my wedding on our way to Nam. Contact: Duane Shaw, 44 Ramble Creek Dr., Cotati, CA 94931; 707-793-8420.

Looking for James R. Shaver who served in Vietnam 1969-70. I have important news for you. Contact: John P. Davidson, 45 Palatine, #334, Irving, CA 92612; 714-392-4049.

Seeking anyone who served with the Army 58 CEC-11th ACR Blackhorse, 1974-77. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and need a “buddy letter” to confirm an incident. Contact: Jim Knipe, 3241 N. Majesty Dr., Apt. 10, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314; 928-759-7338.

Looking for John Goseman, Army door gunner shot down June 30, 1970, and featured in In the Shadow of the Blade. I was the dog handler who walked point on your rescue. Contact: James Meecham, 3057 Ervin Rd., Dover, OH 44622; 330-343-5651.

Searching for Ronnie Harris, Lonnie Casey, or any other buds from A Co., HHC, 3rd Bn., 39th Inf., 9th Inf. Div. at Rach Kien or Dong Tam, 1967-68. Contact: Mike Reade, 3535 28th St., Apt. 102, Boulder, CO 80301; 303-245-0350.

Looking for Vietnam veteran members of Battery E, 2nd Bn., 11th Marines. Contact: Mike Alkine, or Mike Weber, or Joe Cavanagh, P.O. Box 2604, Granite Bay, CA 95746;

Seeking anyone stationed at Kadena AFB, Okinawa between July 1969-March 1973. Want to hear from anybody, but especially those sent TDY to Vietnam as part of the mobility unit. Need help with PTSD claim. Contact: Arthur L. Collins, 7230 Lyne Bay Dr., Roseville, CA 95747; 916-772-1005;

Looking for former members of MACV Advisory Team #37, veterans of Firebase Brenda, members of 1/50 Infantry located at LZ Betty near Pham Thiet, Binh Thuan Province, Ham Thuan District, also any members of Seahorse 25 or Seahorse 27.

Need help for Purple Heart claim, 1970-71. I was District Medical Adviser, MACV Team #37. Contact: Philip F. Cordova, 125 La Nell Dr., Canutillo, TX 79835; 915-568-3658.

I was with USMC 1-3-11 1969 and in Platoon 3042, USMC Recruit Training Depot San Diego in 1968. Anyone who served in these units please contact: Gary Berry, P.O. Box 6671, Silver Spring, MD 20916;

Searching for Army pals from 3rd of the 6th Artillery. Lawrence Gonzales (who drove for Capt. Love) or Charlie Ford. Also Tom Talley who attended Columbia High School. Contact: T.J. Litsinger, 797 River Rd., Smithland, KY 42081; 270-928-2863.

Trying to find Marine Kenneth D. Jenkins or anyone from A Co., 3rd Amtrac Bn., 3rd Plt., 1969-70. Contact: Byron A. Craver, 138 Lake St., LeRoy, NY 14482; 585-768-4964;

Must find Joseph Harrison, Bernard D. Reese, and John M. McBane of the 68th CDS (Air Police) stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina between 1964-66. Also need to hear from any security police stationed at Phan Rang, 1966-67, particularly Orlando Lee and George Davis (from Washington, D.C.), and Ezell Gladney (from Arkansas). Contact: Frederick A.M. Gresham, 1624 Winding Way, Richmond, VA 23235.

My brother was a Vietnam veteran who died in 2004 of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), a very rare disease. He was stationed at Pleiku. I know of 12 other Vietnam veterans who died of CJD. If you have information and would like to share, contact: Dennis Farah, P.O. Box 307, McGregor, MN 55760;

Would like to hear from anyone who was with me in Co. B, 1st Bn., 27th Inf. (1st Wolfhounds, 25th Inf. Div.) when I was WIA Feb. 12, 1968. Contact: James J. Clinton, 86 Seeley Ave., Apt. #5, Keansburg, NJ 07734; 732-778-1974.

Does anyone remember the explosion at HQ Service Co., 426th S&S, Camp Eagle in November or December 1968? I hurt my back, shoulder, and hip trying to catch a cook who was on fire. Need verification for VA claim. Treatment records have been lost. Contact: Donald V. Copeland, 42 NW Eagle Rd., Lawton, OK 73507; 580-357-7280; 580-429-3786; 580-248-1927 (fax).

Looking for anyone who served with me in C Battery, 5/42 Field Artillery at Bear Cat, 1968-69, especially “Bullet Brigade” guys Frank Austin and Jimmy Rhodes. Contact: Daniel Green, 305 Osment Rd., SE, Cleveland, TN 37323; 423-339-3542;

Where are you Bravo Co., 4th Bn., 23rd Inf. (mechanized), 25th Inf. Div., 1969-70? Looking for all who served with me. I remember Capt. Frederick Drew, Capt. Horn (from N.Y.), SSG Joseph M. Evangelista, a SSG from Louisiana we called “Coon Ass,” Sp4 John Livingston (Texas), Sp4 Thomas Armstrong (Florida), Sp4 James (Twin) Martin (N.C.), Shelton Bridge (truck driver from N.C)., “Buster” (truck driver from Tenn.), and Sp4 “Gabby” Hayes (Texas). Contact: Robert (Bobby) Cheatham, 209 LeCompte Ave., North Augusta, SC 29841; 803-278-1514.

Would like to hear from anyone who knew SSGT Claude Hesson Dorris, USMC, Navy Cross recipient KIA January 7, 1968. Claude and I served together with 3/3 BLT, Camp Pendleton, 1959-61. We were roommates and I introduced Claude to the woman who became his wife. Contact: Ralph “Lefty” Guillete, 6 Locust Lane, Essex Junction, VT 05452.

Need help with a VA claim. Looking for anyone who served with me in C 1/7, HQ Co., USMC. Was there several weeks awaiting Medevac, and while there sprayed perimeter with Agent Orange from a backpack sprayer. Contact: George Green, P.O. Box 88, Bloomington Springs, TN 38545; 931-268-1907;

Seeking old friend Blas Preciado. We served together in Vietnam. He may now be in Oklahoma in a VA facility. I recently have been diagnosed with cancer and want to re-connect. Contact: Robert L. Bozeman, 391 Elm St., Reedsport, OR 97467; 541-271-5382.

Want to locate anyone who knew Gordon Hoover, Marine drill sergeant at the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion in San Diego for nine years before service in Vietnam. Contact: Kyra Hoover, 104 Thistle Ct., Highland Village, TX 75077; 972-249-8965.
Looking for James L. Nelson, B Battery, 2/20, Ist Cav. Div. Last-known address (as of summer 1968): A Troop, 8th Squadron, 1st Air Cav., Ft. Knox. Contact: Joseph M. Nowacki, 1596 Brunswick Ave., Lawrenceville, NJ 08648; 609-393-0252;

Seeking Don Gamble (possibly spelled “Gambill”) and John (“Spence”) Spencer. E-mails and letters have bounced back. We served together in Lima 3/3. Contact: Robert A. Branscombe, 928-567-7729;

Looking for John Gibbs, Army or Marine veteran from Grove City, Ohio. Injured and home by 1969, attended Ohio State University. Contact: Patty Hanson, Patricia.Hanson@SEN.CA.GOV

Want to return a Zippo lighter that I think belonged to a Vietnam veteran. The lighter has an engraving of an aircraft carrier and U.S.S. Constellation (CVA 64) and “Tonkin Gulf” on the lower part. The name De Lipski is printed on the top. Contact: Steve Summers,

Looking for Ross O. Raber, who was stationed on U.S.S Midway and retired in the Philippines. Also want to hear from Richard A. Lapinski, who was stationed at Camp Hardy, Okinawa 1969-70. Contact:

I served with the 20th Preventive Medicine Unit in Saigon and Bien Hoa, 1966-67. If there is anyone from the 20th out there, I would love to hear from you. Contact: Lester H. Wurtele, M.D.,

I’ve tried for years to locate Michael Wayne Bach. I used to write him during his Vietnam tour in the early 70s. I believe he was an Army helicopter mechanic. I recall he was from Texas. Contact: Melanie Garbo,

I am seeking information on my father, Ronald Wesley Rush, who served in Vietnam approximately 1968. Not sure where he served but think it was Long Binh. Contact: Lisa Irwin,

Seeking George Godfrey on behalf of my uncle, Dale Gibson. They served together in Vietnam. Contact: Matt Van Wyhe,

Seeking Frank Belosevic from Lackawanna, N.Y., a relative I believe is a Vietnam veteran. Would like to get in touch with him ASAP. Contact: Steve Duric, 11 Riverside Dr., Redwood Park, 5097 SA, Adelaide, Australia; (08) 82647512; (04)38290349 (cell);

Looking for my hoochmates Kaplan, Foster, Schroder, and Lindsay from USAF Supply Squadron, Cam Ranh Bay, Sept. 1968-Sept. 1969. Contact: Thom Collini,

Looking for anyone who served with the 178th or 132nd ASHC, 71st Assault, Chu Lai anytime during 1969. Contact: Dan Flahaven,

Seeking members from the “Evil Eyes” 8/26 Artillery I served with, 1967-68. I was Motor Sgt. after we moved to An Khe. Contact: Hobart (“Hobie”) Sibley,

Searching for friends of MACV translator Nguyen Van Thuoc, who worked June 1969-April 1973 under Lt. Kuggler (1969), Lt. Robinson (1970), Maj. James B. McCoy (1971-72), and Maj. John D. Dean (1972-73). Contact: Quyen Thuy Nguyen,

Seeking Joseph Dell Regal from Pennsylvania. You were stationed at Ft. Benning when deployed to Vietnam. Heard you were MIA but your name is not on The Wall. Have searched for you for 20 years. Contact: Marty,

Trying to locate anyone who served with me in the 1st Marine Airwing, WERS17, MWSG17, Danang, Jan. 1968-Feb. 1969. Schrefler, Whitie, Walker, Dowing, let me hear from you. Contact: Shirley Loetscher, 783 Lollie Rd., Mayflower, AR 72106; 501-202-2088 (office), 501-202-1740 (fax);

Seeking a Vietnam veteran named Mike that I met many years ago in San Pedro, Ambergris Key, Belize. I worked for the bus company. Contact: Rodrigo Temporal, 347-282-1772;

My brother Thomas A. Pardo was killed in action in Vietnam on July 18, 1970. He was a member of Company C, 8th Engineering Bn. I have a great need to learn more about his last days, how he died, his feelings and thoughts. Any friends, people he served with, or those who remember my brother, I want to hear from you. Contact: Kathy Pardo Mobarak,

Searching for Howard John Bicker, Jr., who I remember from NATO Headquarters in Belgium in the late 1960s. Contact: Siegfried C. Bicker, 040-61140-161, 040-61140-140 (fax);

Want to contact anyone stationed with a BARC Co. at Wunder Beach from August. 1968-November 1968. The U.S.S. New Jersey was off our coast at the time. Contact: Jim Cain,

Looking for members of USAECAV, Vietnam 1969-70: Garland Crawford, Jacob Applelove, Robert M. Mallia, Douglas G. Bennet, Charles Hatch, Larry Chambers, “Huck” Hutchins, Helbert Brown, Elmer Hays, Leonard Gardner, B.A. Baylor. Contact: Archie Thibeault,

In search of veterans who served or trained at Fort McClellan, Alabama. We were exposed to Agent Orange, PCBs, mustard gas, nerve gas, lewisite, sarin gas, VS, VX. We are a group of veterans seeking status of presumptive exposure like Vietnam veterans and Gulf War veterans have. Contact: Carolyn Tyler, 3242-A West Mangold Ave., Greenfield, WI 53221-4793, 414-817-0716;

Seeking anyone assigned to the Area Maintenance Supply Facility (AMSF) of HQ & HQ Detachment, 5th Signal Command (Stratcom), at Sullivan Barracks in Manheim, Germany, 1975-76. I want to share photos and stories. Contact: Joseph Peck,

Looking for Robin H. Shores, a Vietnam vet discharged in early 1969 as a Navy machinist mate first class (MM1) from the U.S.S. Truxtun (DLGN 35). Contact: Jordan Gmach, 182 Buffalo Ridge Rd., Amherst, VA 24521.

Seeking anyone denied equivalency by the DOD Civilian/Military Service Board for Vietnam service. Looking for support for legislation to halt board denials involving Agent Orange diseases. Contact: Don Isaacs, 162 Andover G, W. Palm Beach, FL 33417.

Looking for anyone who served with me at Nha Trang, 1970-71, 15th/90th SOS. Col. Howell was also later with me at Langley AFB, 1971-75. Contact: Charles A. Kirby, P.O. Box 888, Richlandtown, PA 18955.

Anyone out there who served with 1st Plt., C Co., 3/325 Inf., 82nd Airborne, in 1972? I need a claim witness. I injured my back in a chopper blast in 1972, amd went to sick call. Jeff Lawson, Alfredo Marquez, Robert Otta, Sgt. Redd, or anyone else who served with us and remembers, contact: Robert E. Rigler, P.O. Box 244, Graterford, PA 19426.

Searching for anyone who served with the 148th Ordnance Co. in Vung Tau, with detachments at Can Tho, Soc Trang, and Vinh Long, Jan. 1969-Jan. 1970. In Sept. 1969 our company moved to Long Binh to relieve a National Guard unit from Wisconsin. I’m originally from Scottsboro, Ala., and lived in Tennessee for 20 years. Contact: Joseph T. Phillips, 637 Long Island Rd., South Pittsburg, TN 37380; 423-837-7776.

Looking for fellow “Sea Barons” I served with at Camh Ranh Bay, July 1970-71. I was with U.S. Army Marine Maintenance Activity Vietnam (USAMMAV). Anyone remember pulling guard duty on the jetty? Contact: Joe Lupo, 45566 White Pines Dr., Novi, MI 48374; 248-728-5700.

Would like to hear from anyone who served with the 240th Assault Helicopter Co. at Bear Cat, 1969-71. Contact: Walter Weber, 35 Elmtree La., Galax, VA 24333.

Seeking old friends from Co. B, 2/9th Artillery, 4th Inf. Div., Oct. 1968-Oct. 1969, or the friends we supported in 2/35th Inf. Contact: Tom Roman, 6382 Breckenridge Cicle, Lake Worth, FL 33467; 561-968-2115;

Searching for Joe T. Cruz and Tony Gresham (“Flipper”). We served together on swift boats, Qui Nhon, April 1967-April 1968. Contact: Ron Gagnon, 1618 Country Club Blvd., Cape Coral, FL 33990;

Looking for members of the 5th Plt. from DLI Vietnamese Language School in Monterey, Calif., July-September 1969. I lived in B-19. Len Boyd, John Doty, James Brown, Greg Duckworth, Steve Faer anybody out there? Contact: Warren Griffin, 54 Shaw Farm Rd., Holliston, MA 01746; 508-429-3002;

Seeking “Jungle Eaters” from 27th LCT and 60th Landclearing Co., 1968-70. Denton (“Denny”) Miller, French Camp (from Manteca, Calif.), Kurt Oltman (Pa.), John Geiling (Pa.), Gary Oenning (Ill.), and others. Reunion in June. Contact: Dave Minto, 165 Spooner Ave., Warwick, RI 02886;

Searching for family members of Frank Edward McClellan. Mac was KIA Apr. 6, 1970, at An Khe. I was a Sgt. at the time and Mac’s team leader, and remember that he was from Indiana. Contact: Mark J. Estopare, 699 Cunningham Rd., Cuba, MO 65453; 573-885-2744.

Looking for POWs/MIAs stationed at Sampson AFB, 3650th Basic Military Training Wing, 1950-56. Also welcome names of dependents who were stationed at Sampson with active-duty personnel. Contact: Chip Phillips, Sampson AFB Veterans Association, P.O. Box 331, Williamsville, NY 14231; 716-633-1199; 716-633-9118;

Looking for David Leroy Steele, who attended Chadron State College before entering the service. Contact: Christina Hendricks-Findley, 52 Hoover St., Newark, OH 43055.

Trying to find Roger Keese (from Pryor, Okla.) and Patrick Thompson (from Bradford, Pa.) from the 365th Trans. Co. (FORSCOM), Ft. McClellan, Anniston, Ala., from 1973-1974. Also would like to hear from Leigh Ann Hipp. Contact: John Beal, P.O. Box 278, Swan Quarter, NC 27885.


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