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March/April 2006

2006 Nomination Process


The ninth annual Chapel of Four Chaplains ceremony sponsored by Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America will be held September 10 at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, N.J. Nominations for the Legion of Honor, the Humanitarian Award, and the Bronze Medallion of the Chapel of Four Chaplains must be received by June 17.

Chapter representatives, state representatives, or members of the AVVA National Board of Directors may nominate two individuals. VVA chapter or state council presidents or members of the VVA National Board of Directors also may nominate two individuals for induction. Previous recipients of this award also may make nominations.


In no more than two paragraphs, describe the nominee’s selfless service, which may include service to the community, religious, civic, fraternal, or veterans’ organizations. The Chapel Awards Committee must approve all nominations. 


Only the National AVVA President, members of the National Board of Directors, or state AVVA representatives; or the National VVA President, members of the National Board of Directors, or VVA state council presidents may nominate individuals for the Humanitarian Award.

In no more than four paragraphs, describe the nominee’s selfless, sacrificial service. In all cases, the service must go far above and beyond that which is normally required.

Supplementary documentation (news articles, letters of endorsement, etc.) is required. All nominations must be approved by the Chapel Awards Committee, which rigorously reviews all nominations.


Only AVVA and VVA National Presidents and members of the AVVA and VVA National Boards of Directors may nominate individuals for the Bronze Medallion.  In no more than one page, describe the nominee’s contributions to world peace, the well-being of mankind, or to interfaith and interethnic tolerance. Supplementary documentation (news articles, letters of endorsement, etc.) and substantiation of other awards received is required. Support for the submission must be compelling and stress the nominee’s worthiness for this honor.

All nominations must be approved by the Chapel Awards Committee, which limits the award of the Bronze Medallion to one member of any organization per year.


Please be as specific as possible, and include the nominee’s full name, chapter affiliation (if applicable), address, and telephone number. E-mail submissions are preferred. If a nominator does not have access to e-mail, submissions via letter or fax are acceptable. The June 17 deadline is firm; nominations received afterward will not be considered.

All nominations should be sent to:

AVVA Chapel of Four Chaplains Awards Program
8605 Cameron Street
Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910
E-mail submissions should be sent to

Anyone wishing to withdraw a nomination must do so by June 17. Nomination withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the above address; no phone calls or e- mails will be accepted. The Chapel Awards Committee will be the final authority concerning all awards.

All nominations must be received by June 17.


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