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March/April 2006

North To Alaska


Not below-freezing cold, snow, or a volcano blowing its top could have stopped the Conference of State Council Presidents from having its annual winter meeting in Anchorage, Alaska. It was a learning experience for all.

We started the meeting on Friday the thirteenth. We had two distinguished guest speakers: Sen. Charles Huggins (R-Alaska), who is a member of Chapter 904, and Tony Knowles, the former Governor of Alaska and past Mayor of Anchorage, also a member of Chapter 891.

Thirty-two of the 46 State Council Presidents were present for the meeting. Five presentations were presented by the core group. We also conducted CSCP business at the two-day event. We covered issues such as the responsibilities of the State President, how to work with the outside sector to raise membership, how to communicate with the national office and chapters, and how to be effective leaders.

During our Round Table discussion, we talked about the Leadership Conference and the proposed seminars. We discussed issues such as DD Forms 214, communications, assured funding, and the role the states and chapters need to play in this.

We had a busy and productive meeting. On Saturday after we adjourned, we loaded into a bus to visit the Wasilla chapter. Chapter 891 hosted an Alaskan cook-out, and we all got our fill of food.

I would like to thank the Alaska State Council and the Alaska chapters for their great hospitality. They made us feel like we were home and not from the Lower Forty-eight.


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