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The Locator is intended to help veterans find former fellow servicemembers.  We do not run items for those seeking employment, selling merchandise, or "personal" ads.  Nor do we run notices for children searching for absent parents.  VVA does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, nor does VVA endorse any group, individual, or cause cited herein.

Looking for anyone who served with the 4/39th, 9th Division, especially B Co., 1966-69. Contact: Jim Haines, 240 Rainbow Dr., #4052, Livingston, TX 77399; 303-809-1815.

Seeking anyone who served with my husband, Robert Grace, who served with Sentry Dog Handler Unit, 2/12 MP, Long Binh, 1972. His dog was named Bobtail Mike because his tail had been bitten off. Walter Broderick, Hockenberry, and Ronald G. Ketchums were among his friends. Bob died three years ago. I’d love to hear stories about him or see photos of him. Contact: Margaret Grace, 99 Linger Ln., Talladega, AL 35160.

SFC Robinson, where are you? You served in RVN 1966-68 in Quang Ngai Province with the 2nd Division, MACV Detachment Headquarters, Advisory Team #2. Please get in touch. Contact: G.B. Clark, P.O. Box 513, Lake Stevens, WA 98258.

Searching for anyone who was at Fire Support Base Vandergrift when the ammo dump blew in March or April 1971. Contact: Michael Foody, 618 Reynolds St., Elmira, NY 14904; 607-732-1116.

Looking for anyone who served at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas, Basic Training and Motivational Platoon, October 1972-March 1973. I need to verify a service-connected claim and would appreciate hearing from anyone who was at Lackland at the same time. Contact: Peter R. Borkowski, P.O. Box 1951, Des Plaines, IL 60017; 847-971-7879.

Trying to locate USMC friends from 1967-68 and the Battle of Dai Do: Capt. Lorraine Forehand, battalion armorer “Swede,” Cpl. Jacob Jacobowski, Cpl. Gary Long, or any others from this time, location, and unit. Contact: Rodney J. Osburn, Suite A, PMB 246, 61529 Highway 93, Polson, MT 59860; 406-370-4111.

Searching for Army friends from 7th Infantry Division, 4th Battalion, 76th Artillery, Korea, 1966-68. I was motor pool sergeant and remember Morris Benjamin and William A. Taylor. Contact: Douglas M. Smith, Rt. 6, Box 6166, Keyser, WV 26726; 304-355-8920;

Seeking Army friends from 545 Transportation Co., Cam Ranh Bay and later Vung Ro Bay: Tim Cole from Ann Arbor, Mich.; Jerry Lucker from St. Louis; Doug Stockdale from Iowa; and Bill Hall from Ohio or Indiana. Contact: Jerry Schmidt, 2909 Ohio St. #15, Bismarck, ND 58503; 701-258-7578 or 701-400-4052.

Looking for Red Cross worker Linda Smith, who worked at Ft. Polk, La. Linda served in Vietnam, 1972-73, and was from near Joplin, Mo. Also would like to hear from my XO, 1LT Richard J. Reno and any members of Charlie Co., 1st Battalion, 1st BCT Brigade, 5th Army, based at Ft. Polk from June 1972-Sept. 1972. Contact: Ronnie Lee Wallace #140221, 2500 S. Avon Belden Rd., Grafton, OH 44044; phone message c/o Carol at 330-823-7510.

Trying to locate anyone who supported our Army liaison group assigned to 33rd Artillery, 1st Infantry, Lai Khe, January 1968-69. We also worked with ARVN units in Ben Cat. Contact: Bill Carey, 181 Geymer Dr., Mahopac, NY 10541-2041.

Searching for Richard Marcone (or Marconi), a Vietnam veteran whom I remember from the old days at the Bayshore Diner on Long Island, New York. Richard was injured in a fall from a Jeep, would now be in his late 50s, and may well still live nearby. I’d love to hear from him. Contact: Diane Zagami, 132 Curcio Ct., West Babylon, NY 11704; 631-669-7624.

Seeking Gregory Perry from Cincinnati, Richard Morrison from Oklahoma, and Frederick Haag from New York, all of whom served with me at Dong Tam with the 9th Infantry Division, Alpha Company, 4/47, April 1967-68. Contact: Ralph Burnette, P.O. Box 61, Point Marion, PA 15474; 724-725-3294.

Looking for Army buddies from the 347th Transportation Co., 1967. Donald J. Pearson, Gary J. Waldrup, Ronald A. Allen, Lester F. Johnson, and our mess sergeant, Willie L. Jones, are you out there? Contact: Charles Squires, 6301 Hendricks Short Cut Rd., Conway, SC 29527; 843-397-9729.

Would like to reach anyone who served with me in 330th Trans. G.S. at Vung Tao, 1965- 66, especially “D.W.” who worked in the supply room. Contact: George Hayden, P.O. Box 502, Cherokee Village, AR 72525.

Seeking Richard Lindsey and M. Brady from Mississippi, who served with me in 3/7, 199th Infantry Brigade, 1967. Contact: Pasquale “Pat” LaRocca, 49 Dunbar Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854; 732-317-3227; or Ronny Swaim,

Looking for my best friend from the Army, James W. Morecraft III, 981st MP Company (Sentry Dog Company), at Ft. Carson, Colo., in 1967 and in-country in 1968. James was from Illinois and attended Northern Illinois University. Contact: David L. Keeton, 402 Division St., Union City, MI 49094.

Searching for Army Special Forces SSGT Alyssia, last seen Nov. 1968 when evacuated by Jeep to Tan An for medical care. Wearing insignia at the time: yellow lightning bolt over a blue spearhead. He was assigned to 2/47 (Mech.), 9th Infantry Division. Hope he made it out OK. Contact: Harold “Doc” Peterson, 32 Shore Rd., Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849; 973-663-1954.

Want to locate family and friends of all KIAs (196 men) from 2/47 (Mech.), 9th Infantry Division, who served in Vietnam and Cambodia. Purpose: to inform them
of the unit’s memorial scholarship fund available to the children and grandchildren of 2/47 men. Contact: Harold “Doc” Peterson, 32 Shore Rd., Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849, or see website,

Looking for anyone who served with the 687th Landclearing Company, 18th Engineers, 1969-71. Contact: Lester Longley, 505-867-5889, or Danny Perry, 36311 North Redstone Dr., Benton City, WA 99320; 509-588-9924.

Need help on PTSD and Agent Orange claims. Want to hear from Marine and Air Force veterans who served at Danang with USMC H&S Service Company, 1st Force Service Regiment, Force Logistic Command, April 1967-May 1968. Need help to confirm information. Contact: Joseph Orlando “Tojo” Anderson, P.O. Box 910, Institute, WV 25112; 304-590-1689; 304-768-1435.

Seeking Marines from Platoon 174, Parris Island Recruit Training Depot, 1963, or Marines stationed in Vietnam, 1965-66, with 3rd Battalion (3/12), India Battery.
I was part of a forward observer team that went out with infantry units on night ambushes. Looking to make contact with fellow Marines from maneuvers in Phu Bai, Quang Tri, Dong Ha, and Hue. Contact: Roland C. Wolff, 2403 Bonaventure Rd., Savannah, GA 31404; 912-443-0789.

Searching for Bob Johnson, 135th Assault Helicopter Company, 1968-70, remembered from Operations Blackhorse and Bearcat in and near Dong Tam. Bob was from Bozeman, Mont., and was known as “Johnno” by the Aussies. Contact: Buzz Gagne, 34 High St., Penacook, NH 03303.

Seeking any member of the 128th Signal Company, Cam Ranh Bay, 1967-68. Contact: John H. Smith, 308 Autumn Dr., Taylorsville, KY 40071;

Trying to locate Clifford Bromley (or Brumley), Phillip Rodgers, and Terry Wallace. We served together in Cu Chi, 1968-69. Contact: William “Tiny” Shoemaker, 1763 Blacksmith Hill Rd., Chillicothe, OH 45601; 740-773-0570.

Looking to locate anyone who served with me in HHC, 3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division (later 25th Infantry Division), 1967-68. I was a SP5 at the time. Contact: Anthony “Bones” D’Aleo, 7699 Las Palmas Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256; 904-733-5622.

I need to replace my unit patch and cannot recall the one we wore. Seeking anyone who served with me in HHC 4th Battalion (M), 20th Infantry, Ft. Clayton, Canal Zone, 1971-73. Contact: Philip P. Scholl, 303 Mansfield Cir., Quakertown, PA 18951; 215-538-3270.

Looking for Ronnie Clark or anyone else who was on the Amtrac “Pipe Dream” with 1/26 Marines, 9th MAB, or H&S Company. Contact: Gary Powless, P.O. Box 70, Beatty, OR 97621; 541-533-3143.

Would appreciate contact with anyone who served in the 557th Light Maintenance Company, Cam Ranh Bay, 1967-68. Contact: Joe Goebel, 1412 Liberty Ave., Richmond, IN 47374; 765-935-5291;

Seeking anyone who served with me in the 25th Infantry Division, 4th & 9th Infantry, June 1967-68. Would especially like to hear from James Streams, SSgt. Cornell Johnson, SSgt. Henderson, Sp4 Stalling, and Sgt. Cracker from Salem, Oregon. Contact: Wade Z. Pittman, 1136 Casady Hollow Ave., Henderson, NV 89012; 702-568-0378.

Looking for anyone from A Battery, 3rd Battalion, 13th Artillery Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, who can verify facts for a PTSD claim. Does anyone remember Mayberry (first name possibly John) getting hit by shrapnel? Also need to confirm episode of powder burning outside the breech. Contact: Clarence Black, P.O. Box 181, Norway, MI 49870; 906-779-0741.

Searching for anyone who served with me in COB, 229th AHB, 1st Cav., An Khe, June 1965-66. I was a radio repairman on Hueys; also volunteered as gunner. Contact: Ronald A. Sylvain, 50 Hadley Village Rd., South Hadley, MA 01075;

I am trying to find Ellis W. Printup, who was drafted and served in Vietnam
in 1965-66. He was of American Indian descent and lived on a reservation. He was my father’s friend in Nam; we would like to find him. Contact: Eric J. Woodke,

Seeking Lt. Col. Ice, who served in the 1st or 25th Infantry in 1966. We met while I was serving with the 162nd Vulture Helicopter Unit. Contact: Charles E. DeShields, Sr.,

I’m trying to help my uncle. He is a veteran, and we need your help to find his commanding officer, Capt. David Mitchell. My uncle remembers his unit as the 725th Infantry Division Support Battalion. My uncle is very sick and the VA lost his records. Seeking anybody who served with my uncle. Contact: Jennifer Pineda,

I was in the 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor, and was hoping to find some of my old buddies. Contact: Carl Darnell,

I am looking for anyone who served with or remembers Pvt. Arnold A. Diggs, Jr., also known as “Lucky” or “Dig-A-Hole” Diggs. He received a Bronze Star without the “V.” Anyone who also received this decoration or remembers Pvt. Diggs, let us hear from you. Contact: The Diggs Family c/o Elder Diggs,

Searching for SSgt. Robert Vasko, SP5 Tony Atkins, or 1Lt Robert D. Gorman. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and need a “buddy letter” to confirm an incident. Contact: Don Hancock, 2920 W. Whipple, Show Low, AZ 85901; 928-532-8274;

Seeking my brother, Lorenzo Pappas, who served in Vietnam as a sergeant. My brother has been missing for nearly 20 years. Last-known address: Austin, Texas. He was a licensed electrical engineer. Contact:

Does anybody remember when I used a toilet brush to clean the orderly room coffee pot? Looking for officers and NCOs of the Artillery Combat Leadership School, Ft. Sill, 1968-69. Also need help on a disability claim. Contact: Jerome J. Hearty, 14214 River Ridge Rd., Coolidge, AZ 85228; 520-723-7941;

Looking for Joseph Johnson, who served with the Army’s 611th Ordnance Co. (ammo), 1965-66, Cam Ranh Bay. Squad Leader Johnson saved my life on more than one occasion. Contact: Joseph B. King, 4600 N.E. Younger Rd., Kansas City, MO 64117; 816-455-9082.

Want to hear from anyone who served with 174th AHC, Americal Division, Dolphin Flight, Du Pho, July 1969-January 1970. Contact: William Conklin, 402 N. Umatilla St., Sutherlin, OR 97479; 541-459-2764.

Trying to locate 1Lt. Ronald L. Beckius, CO of 157th Quartermaster Company, Qui Nhon, 1966. Seeking letter of recognition of my involvement with CID at that time and location. Contact: Larry Steele, P.O. Box 85, McMillan, MI 49853.

Would love to hear from anyone who served with me in the 1099th Transportation /Combat Boat Unit, the “River Rats.” Contact: Ed McCray, 87 Cornelia St., Apt. E, Plattsburgh, NY 12901; 518-561-7531.

Searching for Thomas T. Cottle. We served together at Marine Barracks, Clarksville, Tenn., 1968-69. Contact: Herbert W. Allen, 209 Clayton St., Winston-Salem, NC 27105.

Looking for Vietnam vet Warren Owens. He was a family friend while stationed in Belgium at U.S. Army SHAPE Maisieres. His son’s name was Dennis and visited my parents every day. Contact: Patricia Boudart, +32-(0)64-88-82-36;

Seeking anyone who “followed the donkey” from Ft. Irwin to Vung Tau with the 36th Engineers Battalion (Construction), August 1967-68. Contact: Jim Burke, 520-940-3274;

Searching for anyone who served north of Danang with Mobile Construction Battalion 1. Commander Hardy was CO. Contact:

Would appreciate hearing from anyone who served with Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 319th Field Artillery, 101st Airborne Division in 1970. Contact: Eugene Ingram, P.O. Box 90, Forest Hills, KY 41527; 606-237-0162.

Seeking men or women who might have known my father, George W. Pickard, Jr. He served in the military for 34 years, including two tours in Vietnam. I have a Vietnamese half-sister somewhere in California named Ngoc Thi Ngor, whom I would also love to contact. I’d also like to find a copy of the “Seabees 6 Book.” Contact: Shirley Pickard Martinez, 7 Chapman Ave., Auburn, NY 13021.

Looking for anyone who served with or knew my brother, Spec4 Dario David Guerra, B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 4th Artillery, 9th Infantry Division, KIA November 23, 1968, Binh Phuoc. Contact: Marcelo E. Guerra, P.O. Box 832789, Miami, FL 33283.

Seeking Cpl. Steve DeWitt, who served in the 148th Supply Battalion in Nha Trang, 1966-68. Contact: Brian,

Searching for anyone but particularly an old comrade, last name Miller stationed at Phu Loi with either an engineer unit or the 7th Finance Section in 1968. Also looking for anyone who served with the 7th Finance Section or Engineer units at Bien Hoa Air Base, at Phu Loi, or at the Saigon airbase in 1968. Does anybody remember the rocket and sniper attacks at Bien Hoa and Phu Loi? Contact: Melvin Endo, P.O. Box 103, Puunene, HI 96784;

I was with the 25th, 1/27th HHC from Hawaii to Vietnam and would enjoy hearing from anybody who served with me and was there from the beginning at Cu Chi, especially Ralph MacAbee, medic and great friend, or WO1 Foster. Contact: Paul A. House, 5282 S. 5240 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84118; 801-918-1374.

Looking for anyone who served aboard the U.S.S. Picking (DD685) during Vietnam tours, 1966-68. How many of my old shipmates are dealing with diabetes? Contact: Thomas J. Lawrence, 1127 Depot St., Schofield, WI 54476;

USMC Bravo Co., 1/4 at LZ Studd, 1968-69, where is everyone? Looking for Lt. Ludlum, Doc Chang, Capt. Frye, Allen Bonds from Chicago, Harold Howell, Machine Gun Murphy, Hallett the Point Man, Darnell, Mo-Betta, Spivey from Houston, Johnny Long, and Halsey from the desert. Maybe we were never really in Nam. I can’t find a trace of you guys. G- Man is looking for you. Contact: Edwin German, 66 Evergreen Rd., Flanders, NY 11901; 631-779-3174.

Searching for 1st Sgt. Green, who was stationed at the 279th Station Hospital, Berlin, 1972-73. Also anyone who served with the 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, Vietnam 1969-70. Contact: Mike Shipwash, 204 Church Rd., Riegelwood, NC 28456; 910-655-9177.

Want to reach Ft. Dix alumni from Oct-Nov 1976 who received swine flu vaccination: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie Company recruits. I believe many of these men have died of heart-related problems. Would like to contact any surviving or family members. Contact: Donald Brown, 5626 Guide Meridian, Bellingham, WA 98226; 360-398-1037 or 360-510-6191.

Looking for Jim Gould, whom I believe was from California and returned to Vietnam in 1971 as a civilian. He was injured in a motorcycle accident after returning to the States. Contact: Don Martin, 9828 Withers Rd., Charlotte, NC 28278; 704-583-1862;

Seeking former members of the 138th Avn. Co. who served in Danang, 1967-69. Would like to plan a reunion. Contact: Dave Cassell, P.O. Box 1879, Fairmont, WV 26555; 304-366-7248;

Looking for anybody who served with me in C Co., 3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, An Khe and Pleiku. Remember LZ Hope and the hard time when we lost six of our guys? I served in-country 1969-70 (last mission inside Cambodia) I would like to know who made it home. Contact: Juan C. Anzaldua, 393 W. Hickory St., Chicago Heights, IL 60411; 708-754-1233.

It’s very important that I make contact with the following individuals assigned to the 173rd Assault Helicopter Co. based at Lai Khe, 1969-70: Charles Clench from Ecorse, Mich.; Paul Gann from Detroit; Rainer M. Hoehne from San Jose, Calif.; and Ray (“Nap”) Relerford from Beaumont, Texas. Let’s hear from you. Contact: Randy R. Rankinen, 425 N. 7th St., B203, Ishpeming, MI 49849; 906-485-1204.

Would like to verify events that happened while I was stationed with the 369th Signal Battalion, 1st Signal Brigade, Long Binh, late 1969/early 1970. I witnessed civil unrest in which a soldier was stabbed when a civilian mob blocked the road. In another episode, a soldier named Crabtree OD’d on drugs, cut his foot, and was evacuated but never heard from again. Another episode involved a mortar round breaking up our football game. Contact: Louis Pelletier, 456 York St., Caribou, ME 04736;

Looking for anyone who served with the Army’s 91st Engineer Co. in Thailand in 1966-68. I need to know if anyone remembers Gale Gilliland or can confirm that Agent Orange was transported by this unit or used around the unit’s living areas. Contact: Teri Gilliland, HCR3 Box 3015, Theodosia, MO 65761; 417-273-4935 or 417-273-5400.

Seeking Eugene Craner, Jacob Galardo, or anybody else who served on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard (CVA-31) from 1968-70. I need your assistance to verify a VA disability claim. Contact: Dan A. Voorhees, 2162 Center, Marquette, MI 49855; 906-225-1267.

Searching for USMC vet Martin Grant Weiss, who was stationed mostly in Danang with either 1st or 3rd Marine Division, 1966-67. Lost contact in 1968 and would like to renew connection. Contact:

Anyone who served with me, get in touch. I was with the 233rd, 321st, 352nd, and 261st Transportation Units, 1969-70. Contact: Bob Romano,

I would really enjoy contacting my old friends from D Battery, 1/5 Arty., attached to the 1st Infantry Division stationed at Phuoc Vinh, August 1966-67. I also traveled with Charlie Company as their FO; Captain Swann was Charlie Company’s CO. Contact: Walter F. Knight,

I served with 18th Engineer Battalion and 39th Combat Engineers in Tuy Hoa, Nah Trang, Doc Pho, and Chu Lai, December 1966-67. I’m particularly interested in locating Ed Wenners for verification of a PTSD claim. Contact: Larry Barnes,

I am looking for someone who knows the friends of Lloyd Storey, especially the one nick-named “Whisky.” Both Lloyd and Whisky served in Kitzingen, also in Schweinfurt and Darmstadt, in the years after WWII. Contact: Inge Bissbort,

Seeking information about Cpl. D.R. Gambill, Lima Co., 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines. We were wounded at the same time in 1965, and I have been trying to find out what happened to him. Any help would be appreciated. Contact: John Spencer,

Help us find our teacher! The 1972 weather forecasting class of Tan Son Nhut Air Base would love to reconnect with their teacher, Sgt. Bourland. The class were all Vietnamese who loved Sgt. Bourland. His first child, Cindy, was born while he was in service. He liked sports, was good looking with sky-blue eyes, was very kind, and was always in a good mood. Sgt. Bourland, if you’re out there, get in touch. Contact: Hoang in Ho Chi Minh City,

Looking for anyone who served with 1st Force Recon Sub Unit #1 from 1964 until July 1965. Contact:


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