The VVA Veteran Mini-cover Jan./Feb. 2006 The VVA Veteran cover Jan./Feb. 2006: Soviet SAMs in Vietnam. (Artwork by Xande Anderer)
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Freedom Flight's POW/MIA Message From Above

Photo: National Archives and Records Administration

The '65 Decision
Bombing Soviet SAM Sites In North Vietnam

A few years later and in a different context it became a joke in Washington that “Sam Upgrading” had become the newest... [more]

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Breakthrough: Americans From The Ground Up

By the end of the Vietnam War, U.S. aircrews had dropped over seven million tons of bombs on targets in Indochina, more than three times ...[more]

Photo: Mokie Pratt Porter

New Evidence on the Gulf of Tonkin

Just before midnight on the final day of November 2005, more than 41 years after the event, the National Security Agency declassified  ...[more]