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November/December 2005






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Looking for Richard Marcone, a disabled veteran from the Vietnam War. He fell off a Jeep and suffered eye and head injuries. We used to go to the Bayshore Palace Diner together. I now live with my family in West Babylon; he may live in Islip, North Bayshore, or West or East Islip. Contact: Diane Zagami, 132 Curcio Ct., West Babylon, NY 11704; 631-669-7624.

Looking for members of OR Div., USS New Jersey (BB-62) attached from 1967-69. Contact: A.C. Smith,

With a prayer in my heart, I am seeking anyone who was treated by an Air Force Sgt. Medic with a Special Rescue Team (U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy medics) attached to the 25th inf. Div., 1st Air Cav., on clandestine missions into Cambodia, January to March 1968 (Tet Offensive). I was a helicopter air rescue medic. While treating over 30 wounded, I killed 18 NVA in heavy combat. I need notarized letters from those who remember. The Air Force has denied me recognition for over 30 years. Contact: Bernie Joe Pounds, P.O. Box 597, Gadsden, AL 35902; 256-312-6362.

Looking for Emory Wilson, who served in the Army and was stationed at Ft. Benning, 1964-65. Contact: Bryan and Nicole Floyd,

Looking for Matt Fava or family member to return a Zippo lighter with his name on one side and “300 M.P. Co., Vietnam” on the other side. Contact: Mitch Bohn,

Would like to return a Zippo lighter to its owner or family member. It is engraved on one side with “Roberto Dixon, Jr., Crooner, Saigon, Vietnam” and on the other side, “Nguyen-Hai” Contact: Teri Murray, 760-505-2744;

Looking for an old Army buddy, Philip C. Carroll. We attended NCOC Academy together at Ft. Benning, Class of 6-70, 11B, graduated November 3, 1969, Harmony Church. Contact:

Would like to correspond with any American servicemen I served with in Vung Tau, 1966. I also served with 1st Field Squadron Engineers, Niu Dat, 1966. Contact: John Anthony,

Looking for door gunner Matthew Luksa who served with Shotgun X, Qui Nhon, 1965. He was from 1/14 on TDY, and I was from B-2-14 line outfit on TDY. Contact: Dennis W.P. Davis,

Looking for anyone who served with me in Americal Div. I was a mechanic on the Agent Orange helicopters, and I remember Johnny Dollar. Need information for VA claim; VA says I need to prove I was in Vietnam. Contact: Lonnie Richard Hodge,

Would like to contact family of Sgt. Waites, who was KIA while serving with H Trp., 17th Cav. Mech. attached to the Americal Div., Chu Lai area, 1970-71. We were told he died from an anti-personnel mine. Contact: Bob Stevens, 928-344-3463;

Looking for any C.A.P. 3/4/4 members, Vietnam, 1969-70. Contact: Johnny Howard, 246 Claude Howard, Deer Lodge, TN 37726; 423-965-3407;

Looking for anyone who knew Paul R. Fougere, who served with U.S. Navy. He died in 1966. Contact: Norm Fougere,

Looking for fellow squadron members, Golden Hawks, VMCJ-1 Det. 101, who served aboard USS Midway (CV 41), September to December 1973. I worked on EA6A Intruders. Contact: Ron “Sgt. Rat” Ratliff,

Looking for Capt. Norm Lemieux and Lt. Daniel Miller, who served with me in 2nd Bn., 51st Reg. ARVN, Hill 55, south of Danang, near Hoi An, 1967-68. I served with the Australian Army Training Team as Warrant Officer Class II and would like to meet them when I visit the States. Contact: Ron (Jack) Boyce,

Looking for anyone who was stationed at Udorn Royal Thai Air Base with 11th Tactical Recon. Sqd., July 1969-70. Contact: John Sroufe, 2246 Susitna Dr., Anchorage, AK 99517;

Looking for Roger Moore who suffered a head injury while serving in Vietnam. I met him at a public library in Beverly Hills. Contact: Joy A. Galis,

Looking for anyone who served aboard the Oriskany CVA-34, June 1965-69. I was a B.T. in the boiler room. They are going to sink the ship in 2006 off the coast of Florida. Contact: William E. Granger, P.O. Box 212, Ilion, NY 13357.

Trying to locate Jon E. Fine, an 053 radio operator, who served with my husband in 3rd Div., HQ Btry., 2/41st Arty., Aschaffenburg, Germany, 1964-65, prior to being sent to Vietnam. He was a special friend. Contact: Judy Courtright,

Trying to locate anyone who served with Edward Eugene Montanye in the U.S. Army, 1959-74. Attempting to compile a family history and would like to know about his life during service. Contact: Virginia Harris,

Looking for anyone who served with 326th Med. Bn., 101st Abn., December 1969 to November 1970 at Camp Eagle, Sally, Ripcord, Banos, and other Fire Support Bases. We had 12 Medevac Hueys and our battalion commander was Ltc. Day, Bn Ex was Maj. Cissel. I also remember Bill Hawkens, Dave Johnson, Mr. Nivens, Brent Law, Capt. Odum. Contact: Richard Clinch,

Looking for anyone who served with my uncle, Frank Minster, who served in a tank company in the early 1960s and was wounded during his service in the U.S. Army. He served two tours. Would like to hear from you before I deploy to Iraq. Contact: Tracy Minster,

Trying to find my drill sergeant, SFC Lawrence Thomas, while I was stationed at Ft. Gordon, September 1977, and served with Charlie Co., 1st Bn. Contact: Dave Trilety,

Trying to contact anyone who served with 1099th, 1969-70. Contact: James Foster,

Looking for Sgt. George Green from Baltimore or anyone who knows his whereabouts. He served with Btry. C, 2/35th Arty., 1967-68. Contact: Buford (Gene) Anderson, 946 W. Churchill Wy., Mustang, OK 73064; 405-376-0701;

Looking for anyone who served with E Btry., 1st Bn., 84th Arty., 9th Inf. Div., Ben Tre, 1968-69 for a reunion. Contact: Denis Backus, 1014 Old River Rd., White River Junction, VT 05001; 802-295-5005.

Looking for family members of Maj. Gregory Barras, MIA/POW 12/18/68. I have worn his POW/MIA bracelet since July 1969 and would like to return it to a family member. Contact: Barrie Gibson, P.O. Box 2, Carbon Cliff, IL 61239.

Would like to know if you, or anybody you know who served in Vietnam, has been diagnosed with Leukemia Type AML, not CLL. Contact: Regis Mullaney, 3227 201st St., Bayside, NY 11361;

Looking for anyone who served with me during basic training, Damneck, San Diego, May-July 1974, Poseidon Missile Technical School, Groton 75 Sub School, Norfolk-Boston, 1975-76, or aboard USS Forrest Sherman. Contact: Farrell D. Epperson, 2727 Highway K 509317, Bonne Terre, MO 63628.

Looking for anyone who served with Roger (Bummer) Makissec in Co. C, 3/5th Air Cav., Ving Long, 1969-70. We served together when an ammo dump blew up. Needed for disability rating. Contact: Robert W. Marquardt, OSCI, P.O. Box 3310, Oshkosh, WI 54903.

Looking for Glenn D. Judd from Texas; Stanley D. Clark from Arizona; Dr. Stearns from Kansas; Melvin K. Hall from Pennsylvania; Edward Kinney from Kentucky; Henry L. Lavique and Clifford E. Ellis from California, who served with me in Co. C, 2nd/14th Inf., 25th Div., 1968-69. Contact: Dave Denayer, 106 Ranch Dr., Butler, MO 64730; 660-679-6731;

Looking for Roy Larson who served with me in 48th Med. Bn., Ft. Hood, Texas, 1969, or anyone who knows his whereabouts. Contact: Richard D. Martinez, 1446 Highland Ct., Manteca, CA 95336; 209-639-5333.

Wanted for Vietnam Historical Archive: recordings of radio traffic, fire missions, firefights, incoming, cockpit tapes, AFVN. Also Vietnam War home movies, especially Central Highlands. I can e-mail my list. Contact: Jim Claeys, 1837 Sedro St., Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221;

Looking for anyone who served with me in Co. B., 1st Bn., 4th Inf., 3rd Inf. Div., during Operation Marine Might, winter 1964-65. I was with 4th Plt. Weapons Sqd. as an M-60 gunner. Especially SSgt. Eugene Cox, SP4 Edward Garnets, SP4 Dillard Durrusso, lst Lt. Katsamai. Contact: Vinson Willis, Jr., P.O. Box 401, Mallory, WV 25634.

Looking for Jack Lamey who served at Pleiku AB, II Corps, January 1969-70. Contact: Norman C. Sevigny, P.O. Box 787, West Rutland, VT 05777; 802-773-9049.

Looking for brothers who served with me in Vietnam with 173rd, HQ. Co., 1966. Especially Richard Jaynes from Florida; Leroy Douglas from Salisbury, North Carolina; and Charlie Lawton from Albany, Georgia. Contact: Edward C. Holley, 3135 Settlement Rd., Sylacauga, AL 35150; 256-249-8436.

Looking for anyone who served with 1st Bn., 509th Inf. (A.B.C.T.), Vincenza, Italy, 1978-79, preferably from Alpha Co. Also correspondence and photos of unit field problems to share with VVA Chapter 592. Contact: John Peters, #353395, LECI, P.O. Box 56, Lebanon, OH 45036.

Looking for anyone who served with 56th Supply Sqd., Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, September 1970 to April 1971, when the base was sprayed and we were ordered to stay inside. Moderate defoliation followed. Was it Agent Orange or another defoliant? Contact: Jim R. Riesenberg, Courthouse, 615 N. 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53073; 920-459-3054;

The 5/7 Cavalry Association is searching for any troopers who served with 5th Bn., 7th Cav., 1st Cav. Div. to join our organization. Contact: Charles Skipper, 3713 Masterpiece Rd., Lake Wales, FL 33898; 863-676-7487;

Looking for Thomas Batianis from Warren, Ohio, or any member of his family. We served together at Red Beach, 1968, FLC/FSR, Camp Books. Contact: John Tidwell, C-00305 Rm. 8201, P.O. Box 8103, Highway #1, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-8103.

Would like to hear from anyone who went through boot camp at Ft. Riley, May 1996, with 9th Inf. Div., 4/39th HHQ Co. Contact: Mike Davis, aka Paul Anderson, #76347, L.C.C., P.O. Box 359, Lovelock, NV 89419.

Looking for anyone who served with my brother, Spec. 4 David C. Dodson, who was killed in an auto accident after returning home. He served with B Co., 196th, 8th SPT, 1968-69. I served with 135th Assault Hel. Co., 1968-70, during two tours and would like to know what duties his unit performed. Contact: Robert G. Dodson, #EV5660, SCI Fayette, LaBelle, PA 15450-0999.

Would like to locate SSgt. Ronald Boyer from Missouri who served in Vietnam, 1967- 68, and as an Army Finance Instructor at Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, 1968-70. Contact: John M. Ryan, 608 Alpine Ct., Mays Landing, NJ 08330; 609-909-5105.

Looking for anyone who served with Co. D, 2nd Bn., 12th Cav., 1st Air Cav Div., 1968, especially Ron Celeste, John Renaquer, Michael Siebert, Nat Arnold, Junior Campagna, James Cook, Jimmy Brown, or anyone who remembers these names. Contact: Ron Prushko, P.O. Box 159, Glen Ellen, CA 95442; 707-996-1850;

Would like to hear from anyone who served with me in 3rd Ord. Bn., Long Binh, October 1969-70. Also any who served with me in Basic Training at Ft. Dix, April to June 1969 and AIT, June to August 1969. Contact: Larry Fowler, 1240 Al Highway 9, Anniston, AL 36207;

Looking for anyone who remembers a plane crash at An Khe, June 17, 1967. I was the sergeant-in-charge of 15th Admin. Co., 1st Cav., June 1966 to July 1967. Need help on PTSD claim. Contact: Finnis Bennett, 3721 Mallard Dr., Del City, OK 73115; 405-863-3292.

Looking for anyone who served with Marine Corps Recruit Depot, 2nd Bn., Plt. 272, San Diego, 1967. The drill instructors were Sgt. J.A. Vehuler and Sgt. S.E. Hamm. Also would like to connect with Nagrodski and Leslow. Contact: Mendoza Andres, 1816 East Jamaica Ave., Mesa, AZ 85204; 602-690-8517.

Looking for Cpl. Dickie Wassam from San Diego who served with USMC, Delta 1/3, and was WIA May 5, 1968. Contact: Paul Hartley, 17 N. Weymouth Ave., Ventnor City, NJ 08406-2312; 609-823-2856.

Would like to hear from anyone who served with 360th Trans., 1967-68, especially motor pool mechanics and drivers. I was the wrecker operator at Tuy Hoa and Cam Ranh Bay, 1967-68. Contact: Bernie M. DeHues, Jr., 9508 East 66th Terr., Ray Town, MO 64133.

Trying to find anyone who served with 589th Eng., Co. C, February 1968-69, who has information about mortar and rocket attacks on our base camp at Song Pha. Need for PTSD claim. Contact: Billy Brown, 604 Plantation Dr., Adel, GA 31620;

Looking for anyone who served with me in 539th Supply Co., Cam Ranh Bay, 1968-69. They called me “Shadow.” Contact: Calvin Librera,

Looking for anyone who served with me in 1st Inf. Div., 2nd Bn., 18th Inf., HQ Co., especially Sgt. Glen Davidson with whom I served at Ft. Riley, 1964-65. Contact: DeWitte M. Boyer, 10881 Harmel Dr., Columbia, MD 21044; 410-531-6640.
Looking for anyone who served with me on the USS Preble, 1964-69. Need help with VA claim for hearing loss. Contact: Thomas R. Campbell, FS-2429, P.O. Box 256, Waymart, PA 18472-0256.

Looking for anyone who served with my husband, Robert Grace, who served with Century Dog Handler Unit, 2/12 MP, 1972. His dog was named Bobtail Mike because he bit off his tail. He was stationed at Long Binh; Walter Broderick, Hackenberry, and Kitchens were among his friends. Bob died three years ago. I’d love to hear his stories or see photos of him. Contact: Margaret Grace, 99 Linger La., Talladega, AL 35160.

Looking for anyone who served with me in the Navy with VP-33 (Orion), 1973-74, who remembers an Orion crashing and burning at an airbase in Thailand, 1974. Need information to verify stressors. Contact: Chuck Warren, c/o Stanley Law Firm, P.A., 301 N. Broadway, North Little Rock, AR 72114; 501-324-2820 (fax);

Looking for Donald W. Jenkins, possibly from Chicago, who was stationed with me in 579th QM Det., Phu Cat, 1970, or any others who served in that unit to help verify stressors for PTSD claim. Contact: Joe Boucher, P.O. Box 112, Rock, MI 49880.

Would like to try to locate old shipmates Richard Newson, Roy Lee French, John Curry, Joseph L. Vann, Jefferey Connors who served with me aboard the USS Mt. Vernon LSD-39. Contact: Larry Nellums, 403 South Park St., England, AR 72046.

I was assigned to 59th Field Serv. Co., Cam Ranh Bay, and was sent to Ban Me Thuot, attached to 155th Helicopter Assault Co. I am looking for Schoklyn, Seamore, Jackson, Brown, Hippy, Head, and anyone else assigned to those units. I would also like to receive photos. Contact: John Worsham, #129550, E.C.I-East, 30420 Revells Neck Rd., Westover, MD 21871-9799.

Looking for anyone who served with 86th Maint. Bn., Vietnam, 1968-71, to find out if there are any reunions or web sites. Also looking for GMG 2nd Class Ronald Boettcher or GMG 3rd Class Robert Koffler who served aboard USS Montrose LPA-212, l968. Contact: Eugene P. Meechan, 24333 Lunda Rd., Raymond, OH 43067; 937-246-2112;

Trying to locate anyone who served with an old high school friend in the Army, Joseph Wolfe, KIA 5/5/68, An Xuyen. Trying to find out exactly what happened to him. Contact: Lance Mousel, 20622 Wild Rose Ln., Bend, OR 97702; 541-322-8839.

Looking for anyone who served with my husband, Milton (Jim) Holman, aboard the USS Ranger CVA-61. I am looking for confirmation of use of hazardous cleaning solvents in the electronics shop for VA claim. Contact: Sharon Holman, 420 Brickyard Rd., Marquette, MI 49855; 906-228-3220.

Seeking anyone who served with me in the Air Force, 1878th Communications Sqd. (outside plant), Pleiku Air Base and recalls incident in 1968 on a road from Camp Enari to Pleiku City in which a heavy communications trailer struck
a Lambretta carrying Vietnamese citizens who were badly hurt. I was a communications NCO. Contact: Nelson Dumais, 133 State St., Van Buren, ME 04785;

Searching for Augustine Peterman who served with me in the Army, 1st Plt., B Trp., 2nd Sqdn., 1st Cav. Reg., 1967-70. Contact: William J. Farrell, Jr., 1116 E. Welsh Rd., Ambler, PA 19002; 215-646-6112;

Seeking anyone who served with USMC, 3rd Plt., A Co., 7th Eng. Bn., and can verify explosion of jerry can under perforated steel planking runway deck while I was cutting with a torch at airbase in Danang, August to December 1969. Two helicopters, Loaches or Cobras, collided and exploded, and I was treated for scrapes and embedded sand in my forearms. Later I had an Article XV with company commander. Contact: Norm Burby, 5 Bog Rd., Caribou, ME 04736;

Looking for anyone who served with me in Co. D, 1/6th U.S. Inf., 198th LIB, Americal Div., 1967-68. Contact: Hockless Bryant, 1401 NW 103rd St., Apt. 232, Miami, FL 33147; 305-694-9607.

14 Feb. 1968, Vietnam, Ap Cho, part of Tan Phu Trung village, III Corps, 25th Inf. Div., especially Tomahawks (served with A Co., 4th Bn. (Mech.), 23rd Inf. Reg., 25th Inf. Div.): Looking for anyone who remembers when I was wounded with head and massive chest injuries, especially men who picked me up, and later as I was medevaced to Cu Chi, the 12th Evacuation Hospital. Contact: Terry Bohlinger, 207 Pageland Dr., Yorktown, VA 23693-3021; 757-867-8522;

Looking for Kenneth M. Fields, Brooklyn; Andy Salmieri, New York; Erasmuth Gotay III, Queens, New York; and B. Widmann, Brewster, New York, who served with me in Charlie Btry., 1/40th Arty., Vietnam, 1967-68. Contact: Tom Garvey,

Looking for members of the Christmas choir who performed on Christmas Eve and Day at the Tuy Hoa Base Chapel in 1970. I have found a cassette of the performance and can make copies. Contact: Don Brooks, 443-463-1880;

Looking for anyone who served with my father, Sfc. William Thomas Brandon, in Co. D., 5th SFGA, and IV Corps, Mike Force, 1967-70. Contact: William Brandon II,

Looking for anyone who served with me in 1st Bde., 101st Abn Div., Parachute Riggers, 1967-68, Phan Rang, Cam Ranh Bay, Chu Lai, or especially Bien Hoa when we were nearly overrun during Tet 1968. Contact: Robert (Butch) Padier, 14958 Deer Valley Loop, Carlsbad, TX 76934;

Looking for Tung, the ARVN translator when I served with 554th Eng., 1970-71. Contact:

Trying to find C.A.P 3-4-4, USMC, Vietnam, 1969-70, and also Timothy Ghormiley. Contact: Johnny Howard,

Looking for anyone who would like a copy of a picture of Co. C, 125th Armd. Bn., Camp Campbell. Contact: B. Motley,

Searching for anyone who served with ADM Plt., 317 Eng. Bn., Eschborn, Germany, January 1969 to May 1971. Contact: David (Hoot) Gibson, 200 Sunset Ln., Harriman, TN 37748;

Looking for Paul Hicks who attended Central Commercial High School, New York, with me and later served with the U.S. Army in Vietnam, 1966. Contact: Ressie Fuller,

Looking for Frenchie from the Chicago area whom I knew in basic training and Thailand and who served with me at Danang AFB, 1971-72. He was Air Police, and I worked in 20 TASS. Contact: Al Fariole, RR 15, Box S. 31, Pocono Mobile Home Estates, E. Stroudsburg, PA 18301; 570-223-2661;

Looking for anyone who served with C Co., 701st Main. Bn., and D Co., 701st Main. Bn., May 2, 1969, to April 4, 1970, at Lai Khe Base Camp. Information needed for VA claim. Contact: Warren B. Arrington, 1820 Franwill Ave. N.W., Roanoke, VA 24017; 540- 345-9360.

Searching for anyone who was with AIT Training Command, Ft. Polk, January to June 1974, or Ft. Sill in January 1973. Need assistance in verifying claim with VA. Contact: Clance W. Bynum, 501 S. Persimmon St., Pine Bluff, AR 71602; 870-489-0205.

Looking for any Air Police who served in Detach. 9, 2nd Advance Echelon (Advon), Bien Hoa, 1961-62. Contact: Bruce Hadley, 105-25 65th Rd., Forest Hills, NY 11375; 718-487- 2493;

Looking for SSG Rose G. Brown, Cpt. Delbert L. Collins, 1stLt. Dennis E. Maki, Thomas H. McCloy, 1stLt. Ronald B. Shoemaker, and Calvin M. Wyant who served with Co. C, 2/14th Inf., 25th Inf. Div., Golden Dragons, 1968-69. Contact: Dave Denayer, 106 Ranch Dr., Butler, MO 64730; 660-679-6731;

Looking for Sp4 Lynn Savola from Michigan, U.S.A. Nurse Corps, Ft. Leonard Wood, 1976, where she was housed in women’s barracks near Ft. Wood Hospital. I was with Med. Hold Co. near Ft. Wood, March-July 1976. Contact: Daniel J. Dunne, 65 Cambridge Rd., Woburn, MA 01801; 781-933-5578;

Looking for a fellow New Yorker, Joseph Castro, from the Bronx who graduated Plt. 1025, USMC, Parris Island, 1967, and was assigned to 2n Bn., 9th Mar., 1968-69. After serving in Vietnam he was assigned to Camp Lejeune as MP Security. Contact: Errol V. Hines, 94-205 Huewai Pl., Waikele, HI 96797; 808-678-3751.

Looking for Vietnam veterans who have had an undesirable discharge upgraded. Would like to find out exactly how you did it, especially those who have received disability for Agent Orange, PTSD, and cancer. Contact: Lawrence Jackson, FE-0977, 1100 Pike St., Huntingdon, PA 16654-1112.

Looking for Maj. Croby and Capt. John Milligan who served at Nghia Hanh District, Quang Ngai Province, as advisers, 1970-73. I was chief of Nghia Hanh District and received Bronze Star with V Device from Department of Defense in 1973. Contact: David Trong Hoang, 5418 W. Crystal Ln., Santa Ana, CA 92704; 714-531-4065.

Searching for all Permanent Party Women’s Air Force (WAFS), Basic Trainees, 3650th Basic Military Training Wing, Special Training School Personnel, 1950-56. Contact: Chip Phillips, P.O. Box 331, Williamsville, NY 14231-0331; 716-633-1119;

Looking for anyone who served in or was in command of USMC Reserve and OC5 USMC, 1979-81, particularly San Luis Obispo, California, area via Oxnard. Also looking for Rudy Lakatos and Larry Paulsen. Contact: Lance Michael Turner, 375474 Ellis Unit, 1697 FM 980, Huntsville, TX 77343.

Need to contact Michael Sporman who was stationed at Qui Nhon, April 1967-68, to verify combat exposure for claim. Contact: Michael Hein, P.O. Box 1063, Anchorage, AK 99510.

Looking for anyone who served with my brother, Pfc. Luis E. Milan-Anavitate in Co. B, 1st Bn. (Mech.), 5th Inf. He was KIA June 7, 1967, when his road patrol mission was hit by the enemy in the vicinity of Chu Chi. Contact: Wilfredo Milan, Sr., P.O. Box 370693, Brooklyn, NY 11237; 718-564-3087.

Looking for class members of 67-Hotel, Webb AFB, Texas for a possible reunion. Contact: Jim Preston, P.O. Box 1697, Twain Harte, CA 95383,

Looking for Jerry Hopkins, who was a barber in Missouri before joining the Army, or anyone who knows his whereabouts. We served with 23rd M.P. Co., Americal Div., Chu Lai. He lost an arm and was medevaced out in March or April 1968. Contact: Charlie Hobbs, 3619 John Sims Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37412, 423-495-0202.

Looking for anyone who served with me at the MACV Advisory Team, Ly Tin Sub-sector on Highway 1 just out of Chu Lai, 1968-69. Contact: Tim Burke, 31696 Breezeway, Chesterfield, MI 48087; 586-948-4849;

Looking for MACV Advisory Group officers who rescued an American civilian in the An Khe Pass during Easter Offensive, 1972. Stan Ullamsa from the UK was killed and Kevin Steele from New Zealand was rescued by a South Korean patrol. I remained in the bush until an ARVN patrol with two MACV advisers rescued me. Contact: Thomas F. Mullen, 26 Mason Ave., Apt. 2, N. Billerica, MA 01862.

Looking for any cooks who served with U.S. Army’s 4th Replacement Detach., 4th Inf. Div., Pleiku, September 1967-68. Contact: Dale R. Snyder, 479 Hunt Rd., Cherry Creek, NY 14723;

In search of anyone who served with me in Earth Moving Plt., C Co., 94th Eng., 1966- 69, at Hellagan Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany. I was squad leader for the 4th Squad. Contact: Michael David Shields, 422 W. Cedar, Standish, MI 48658; 989-846-4009.

Seeking Fluffy, Armpit, Tired Ed, Moody, Sexton who served with C-3-319, 173rd Abn., 1970-71. Contact: Bob Goodman, 11519 Gristmill Ln., Bridgeville, DE 19933.

Looking for anyone who served with me in FLSG-A, FLSU-1, and FLSG-B in the small arms section out of Dong Ha. I lost all of my pictures in a fire and would like to locate someone who may have pictures I can make copies of. Contact: Nathaniel Prince, 824 S. Hancock St., Louisville, KY 40203; 502-540-5345.

Looking for Sgt. Lou Rawls (New York) and Sgt. Charles Jenkins (Alabama) who served with 82nd Abn., 1st/508th, A Co., 1968-72, for proof that I was wounded along with Sgts. Rawls and Jenkins for a VA claim or anyone with knowledge of incident. VA is unable to locate records. Contact: Moses Dawson, P.O. Box 604, Stone Mountain, GA 30083; 404-641-6089 or Georgia Veterans Group, Inc., 506 Sheppard Rd., Stone Mountain, GA 30083; 770-498-1765.

Looking for anyone knowing the whereabouts of Thomas Delos Byrns, originally from Southern California, who was stationed on Midway Island with the Seabees in 1968. Contact: James L. Schorer, #731596, Ellis 1, 1697 FM 980, Huntsville, TX 77343.

Trying to locate anyone who served with HHC, 3rd Bde., 82nd Abn. Div., USARPAC, Co. B, 3rd Bde., 82nd Abn. Div., USARPAC; or HHC, 1st Bn. 505th Inf., USARPAC, January to June 1969, and remembers me being medevaced during a stand down because of jaundice (hepatitis B and C). I was a medic and they called me “Doc Jackson.” My replacement medic was wounded, losing parts of his arms and legs, and was hospitalized in the same room with me. Information needed to establish hospitalization for VA claim. Contact: Lawrence Jackson, 1100 Pike St., Huntingdon, PA 116654-1112 or c/o Tim Susengi (Service Rep), 814-695-9680.

Incarcerated Vietnam veteran looking for anyone who served with me in 101st Abn., Co. A, 2nd Bn., 501st Sig. Bde., October 1967 to June 1968, and Advisory Grp. 100, 581st M.I. Dtch. (CMAC), June to August 1968, or Co. A, 9th Sig. Bn., 9th Inf. Div., December 1967-68, for Agent Orange, PTSD claim. Contact: James Everett III, AS-0363, 1000 Follies Rd., Dallas, PA 18612.

Looking for anyone who served with me in HHC, 5/31st, 197th Inf. Spt., especially medics who went TDY to Ranger camps in 1971. Also anyone who served with me in 128th Medical Evacuation Hospital, 1972. Contact: Jose Luis Guzman #4162889, 2605 State St., Salem, OR 97310.

Looking for anyone who served with me in USMC, I Corps, Vietnam, 1965-67, Phu Bai, Dong Ha, The Rock, Danang, or Chu Lai. Contact: David J. Shook, 131 Stonebridge Ln., Smithville, MO 64089; 816-866-4196.

Would like to hear from anyone who served with the 560th MPs, Vung Tau and 720th MPs, Long Binh, 1969-70, especially those who served with me on V-100s. Contact: Gene Evans, 7766 N. High View Dr., Prescott, AZ 85743;

Looking for anyone who served with me in Co. A, 15th Medevac, 1st Air Cav. Div., Tay Ninh, October 1968 to December 1969. My nicknames were “Bert” or “Frenchie,” and I took care of the generator and worked in the motor pool and was also the CO driver. Need to verify that I helped carry wounded off helicopters when they came in. Would like to hear from Bob E. Lovato from Albuquerque. Contact: Bertrand Gagnon, P.O. Box 284, Van Buren, ME 04785; 506-473-6433;

Looking for anyone who served with Plt. 2221, MCRD, San Diego, November 1968 to January 1969; 9th M.A.B., 3rd Svc. Bn., H&S Co., 3rd Mar. Div, Vietnam, Okinawa. We were in direct support of Hill 327, Danang, 1969, and on task force to secure withdrawal of unit to Camp Hansen, Okinawa, 1970. Also any 3041/3042 Marines out there? Contact: Larry Macey, #408153, Ellis Unit, 1697 FM 980, Huntsville, TX 77343.

Looking for Richard Gaddie, U.S. Army, who served with me out of LZ English at Bong Son, 319th Arty., 173rd Abn. Bde., 1968; last known at Ft. Bragg and Fayettesville, North Carolina. Also anyone who recalls Agent Orange saturation in that A.O. Contact: Richard Graham, AIS #124-280, Dorm 4, Holman Unit 3700, Atmore, AL 36503.

Searching for information about performances by Johnny Cash at Long Binh, January 1969, for a research project on entertainers in Vietnam. Would like to hear from anyone with interesting stories about meeting Johnny or anyone who has photos or film footage of the concerts. Contact: Nick Microulis, P.O. Box 1561, East Hampton, NY 11937; 631-329-4979;

Looking for anyone who served with me in Btry. A, 2/40th Arty., 199th Inf. Bde., August 1968-69, and remembers when I was sent to Saigon for an emergency appendectomy. The Army has no records of this. Contact: Cecil Shirey, 24133 Brian St., Denham Springs, LA 70727;


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