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One Man's War: New VVA Prez Rowan Fights to Defend, Extend Veterans' Rights
Ace Lundon: Pendleton Producer
A Job Well Done: Chapter 685's Scholarship Program
Port of Entry, Sihanoukville

Photo: Michael Keating

Missing & Found
VVA's Rochester Honor Guard at The Wall

Ten years ago, a POW/MIA Marathon Team ran from Rochester, New York, to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial ... [more]

Warriors: A Tradition of Service


Ordered Into Madness: The Military Use of Larium

On August 9, 2005, a Marine Corps discharge board at Camp Pendleton, California, directed that a career Marine named Matthew Hevezi be summarily discharged ...[more]

Photo courtesy of Matthew Hevezi

Photo: Mokie Pratt Porter

Peace and Friendship Among Nations
VVA's VI in Vietnam

For sixteen days in September, VVA’s Veterans Initiative Task Force traveled from the north to the south of Vietnam ...[more]