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September/October 2005

Welcome Home, Utica


Our National Convention is over, and now that the delegates have elected new officers, it is time for the healing process to start and for us to move on. Region 7 had 69 delegates, a great turnout for us. I would like to thank all of our members who stepped to the plate to run for office.

The election process moved very fast; we didnít have to stand in line very long to vote. The Election Committee did a wonderful job with the voting process. I hope it can continue at future conventions. We all need to work with our new officers and the new Board of Directors to make things better for VVA and the membership in the next two years. President John Rowan has a big job ahead of him, but if we all work together, we can make VVA a very strong VSO.

I would like to thank Region 7 for electing me to my fourth term. I will continue visiting all State Council meetings as I have done in the past and finding ways to improve our region. In the next two years I will give an award to the Region 7 Pointman of the Year in each state. It is time we recognize our members for their work.

Chapter 751 of Lawton, Oklahoma, has done a great job this year, holding a Welcome Home for all the soldiers returning from Iraq. In May, the Arkansas National Guard had a big Welcome Home for their troops in Little Rock and asked Chapter 751 to attend. The chapter was recognized for all its hard work. This was a great honor for the chapter. Region 7 is proud of you.

Chapter 278 did an excellent job holding the Region 7 Conference in Texarkana, Texas, in July. We heard from seven candidates running for National Office. Awards were given at the banquet. The Region 7 Veteran of the Year award went to Robbie Robbins of Chapter 751. The following received the Chapter of the Year awards: Arkansas Chapter 830; Louisiana Chapter 141; Oklahoma Chapter 751; and Texas Chapter 915.

Region 7 gave President Tom Corey an award at the National Convention for his excellent work at VVA.


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