VVA Veteran Mini-cover New Orleans residents make their way to the Superdome through rising floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina, August 30. Photo: c. Michael Ainsworth/Dallas Morning News
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A New War: Dennis Andras in the Hurricane's Aftermath
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Breaking the Bonds: Mansfield Correctional Institution Chapter 616
William Westmoreland: A Retrospective

Photo: Michael Keating

The Ballad of Speedy & Short: A Locator Reunion

It was a little after midnight. Speedy and Short had just finished their radio watch ... [more]

Warriors: A Tradition of Service


VVA In Action: In Service to Victims of Hurricane Katrina

After Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, Louisiana State Council Vice President Dennis Andras spoke to the ...[more]

Photo: Tom Hall

Photo: Michael Keating

Jackpot! VVA's Twelfth Biennial Convention

Any way you look at it, VVA’s 12th biennial National Convention, which was held Aug. 10-13 at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada, was a huge success ...[more]