The VVA Veteran minicover for July/August 2005 Cover slice from The VVA Veteran July/August 2005
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President's Message
Government Relations
Veterans Benefits Update
Agent Orange Committee Report
Veterans Initiative Task Force Report
AVVA Report
Veterans Incarcerated Committee Report
Arts Of War
Books In Review
Membership Notes
Veterans Guest House
The Women's Army Museum
Pilgrim's Progress: Wayne Karlin and the Vietnam War

Photo: Mokie Pratt Porter

A Winning Tribute
The Nevada Vietnam Memorial

The quiet and powerful Nevada Vietnam Memorial is nestled inside ...[more]


I Shot a Man in Reno
A Photographer Offers
a Walking Tour

Reno is on the high desert. You’re about 4,400 feet above sea level. The Sierra Nevadas form the backdrop, in summer beautiful, majestic, and still dolloped with snow. In August, Reno is hot ...[more]

Photo: Michael Keating

Photo: Michael Keating

Desert Life
Nevada Incarcerated Chapters

VVA Chapter 545

VVA Chapter 719

Of Rocks and Zephyrs:
A Guides Notes