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March/April 2005

Technology @ Its Finest


Many members are unaware that there is a National Talk List for current members of VVA and AVVA.

The Talk List has a simple-to-follow registration process and the rules are basic. They boil down to respect and what some call “netiquette.”

Once you are on the list, you will receive daily e-mails from fellow veterans on a variety of subjects. Some will give you benefits information, some will direct you to other sites that can tell you how to fix your computer, the proper way to dispose of flags, where to get flags, and other topics. Mostly, however, you will be able to eavesdrop on some powerful conversations regarding politics, the War on Terror, Iraq, Afghanistan, how to help the troops, what chapters are doing locally, where the Moving Wall will be, and how you can volunteer your time and resources for the betterment of communities throughout the world.

There also are discussions you can take part in or not, about things such as whether Army will beat Navy. These are regulated so that the List maintains its integrity and balance. Under the supervision of one of the fairest and patient members—me—complaints are few. If they are legitimate, they are properly addressed.

It may not be to everyone’s liking, but the List is worth joining just for all the current VVA and world information that comes across your home computer station. It is technology at its finest, and best of all, it’s free.

Let the Talk List open up a whole new world for you and your family. Come and stand side by side with your brothers and sisters once again, and enjoy the camaraderie, knowledge, and experience of fellow veterans. Contact me at to sign up for the Talk List.


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