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Convention Resolutions Committee Report

Resolution Resolution


When a resolution is received at the national office, it is assigned an official resolution number. A letter of acknowledgment is sent to the author of the resolution informing him or her of the resolution’s assigned number and the committee or task force that it has been referred to for completion. The proposed resolution then will be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee to be sure the official submission form was used, to be sure it was postmarked no later than April 11, 2005, and to be sure the required financial statement of cost and funding is attached when a resolution requires funding. If a proposed resolution passes the committee’s review, it will be sent on to the appropriate committee or task force. However, if a proposed resolution is found to be incomplete, it will be returned to the author by certified mail, return-receipt requested. You will then have until April 11 to resubmit your resolution.

The National Board of Directors will be presented the proposed resolutions at their April 2005 meeting for review and comments. A final package of resolutions with a committee or task force recommended action for each proposed resolution will be sent to all state councils and chapters by first-class mail no later than June 10.

At the Convention, committee hearings will be held to allow the committees, task forces, and delegates to review all resolutions pertaining to that particular committee or task force before the resolutions are presented to the delegates on the Convention floor.

The 2005 Convention Resolutions Committee is chaired by Fred Elliott. The other members are Darrol Brown, Region 9 Director; Lee Fisher, At-large Director; Ned Foote, NYSC Treasurer; and Sharon Hodge, Staff Coordinator.


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