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March/April 2005 FYI FROM THE VA  





The Locator is intended to help veterans find former fellow servicemembers.  We do not run items for those seeking employment, selling merchandise, or "personal" ads.  Nor do we run notices for children searching for absent parents.  VVA does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, nor does VVA endorse any group, individual, or cause cited herein.

Looking for anyone who served with Lima 3/5, 1st Mar. Div., 1970-71. They have had a reunion for the past 19 years. Visit their web site. Contact: James Dreksler, 4702 Carr St., Rolling Meadows, IL 60008;

Searching for Robert Clay Perry who served in Vietnam, 1967-69. Contact: Melissa Middleton, 301-589-2479.

Searching for 1st Lt. Charles E. Lecher who served with Civic Action, USMC, 4th USMR Reg. I served in the South Vietnamese Army as an adviser to U.S. troops. Contact: Le Xuan Toai, K94/22 Yen Bai St., Danang City, Vietnam; telephone 0511 830467 (Vietnam).

Looking for anyone who served with me in 1st Inf. Div., 121st Sig. Bn., A Co., Lai Khe, Vietnam, April to August 1968, especially SSgt. Clark, a pole lineman. He was a drill instructor at Ft. Gordon, Georgia, in late 1970s. Contact: James C. Adams, Jr., 109 Clayton Dr., Newport, NC 28570; 252-223-0235.

Interested in finding John D. Swallow from Wyoming, a good friend of my father, Elberto (Rod) Rodriguez, who served with him in Co. A, 15th TC Bn., 1st Cav. Div., 1966-67. Contact: Rigo Rodriguez, 650-740-3001;

Trying to locate basic training graduation yearbook, October 1967, Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Contact: Louise Pisano;

Trying to locate anyone who served with GYSgt. Charles H. Perkins, USMC, Kilo Co., 3/26 who was wounded on Hill 861 in early 1968 and was taken aboard USS Repose where he died on May 17, 1968. Would like stories or pictures from those who served with him. Contact: Sheri Eddowes-Plumber, or

Searching for anyone who served with Capt. Charles (Angelo) Liteky, aka Father Liteky, who was the U.S. Army chaplain with 199th Light Inf. Bde., Vietnam, 1967-68, and a Medal of Honor recipient. Contact: John H. Woolwine, 4825 Hickory Dr., Roanoke, VA 24018, 540-774-1215.

Searching for anyone who served with Gen. Frederic E. Davison, commander of U.S. Army 199th Light Inf. Bde., Vietnam, during Tet offensive in 1968. His service will be included in a book about American heroes of that era. Contact: John W. Woolwine, 4825 Hickory Hill Dr., Roanoke, VA 24018; 540-774-1215.

Trying to locate anyone who served with 1883rd Comm. Sqd., Phu Cat AB, 1967. We would like to organize a reunion and need to find out how many former members are still out there. Contact: Gene Argabright, 704-938-3290;

Searching for anyone who served with me in Phu Loi Patrol Force, 1967-69. Contact: Arne Espedal,

Trying to locate Ercie Leach whom I worked with in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and who sponsored a reunion of a Vietnam helicopter unit in Charleston, South Carolina. Contact: Daniel Alvarez, telephone 5411-4304-4830 (Argentina);

Would like to hear from James Wilson from Pennsylvania or anyone who served with me in Dong Ha, 1966-67. Contact: Ignazio (Iggy) Valente, 345 Harrison Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604;

Trying to locate copy of basic training yearbook of Plt. 236, Parris Island, February 1966. Drill Instructors were Sgt. Miller and Sgt. Campbell. My house burned, and I lost everything. Contact: Ignazio (Iggy) Valente, 345 Harrison Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604;

Looking for Robert Stasiak, last-known address was Chicago, or anyone who served with B Co., 3/1, 11th Light Inf. Bde., Americal Div., 1968-69 near Duc Pho or Quang Ngai. Contact: Gene Brown, 15 Camerons Terr., Covington, GA 30016; 404-469-7986;

Looking for James R. Melson from Kentucky who served with me in 39th Eng. Grp./45th Grp., Headquarters, Chu Lai, 1967-68. “Short Round” is looking for “Bear.” Contact: Wayne Merrill,

Trying to locate anyone who served with my brother, Thomas G. Hawkins, a medic with Charlie Co., 12/25th, who was KIA November 1967 in Long Binh. Contact: Kenny Hawkins,

Trying to locate any who served with me in 872nd Med. Det., Long Binh, March 1969 to October 1970. Contact: Rodney E. Kinnard,

Must find anyone who served with AFAT 4/7 Unit, Nha Trang, 1969-70, English Language School, especially Bruce Bowman, James Cheek, Michael Cummings, Kenneth Cronin, Warren Crandall, John Crowe, Dennis Cates, Capt. Michael J. Trodden, Maj. Gordon T. O’Brian, James W. Brown, Larry Braxton, Pedro Cruz, Fred Baldwin, Albert Kizziah, Jr., John B. Kask, and Robert Layne. Contact: Ray Carter, P.O. Box 16602, Asheville, NC 28816;

Looking for anyone who served with HS-8 aboard the USS Bennington, 1963-69. Contact:Jim R. Riesenberg, Courthouse, 615 N. 6th St., Sheboygan, WI 53081; 930-459-3054;

Looking for anyone who served with me in 82nd Abn., HQ Trp., 1st Sqdn., 17th Cav., Dominican Republic, 1965-66. I have 8mm film of the island, search and seizure patrols, and film of XVII Corp. Contact: David Gester, 887 Pinecrest Dr., Grants Pass, OR 97526;

Looking for anyone who served with me in 2nd Plt., Co. A, 1/77th Armor, 1/5th Inf. Div. (M), Quang Tri Combat Base, July 1970-71 and C-2, A-4, FSB Vandergrift, Cam Lo, Mai Loc, QL-9, QL-1. Contact: Gary Boling, or or

Looking for John Miller from South Carolina or anyone who served with 526 CC&S Co., Phu Tai, 1967-68. Contact: John Shirey, 706-846-8130;

Trying to locate anyone who has had skin problems since returning from Vietnam and served in the Can Tho area. I served with 550th Sig., 1972-73. Contact: Phillip W. Hagan,

Looking for anyone who was assigned to HST USARV, Long Binh, 1972-72. Need information for Agent Orange claim that has been denied. Contact:

Looking for BoBo Johnson, Jeff Lawson, Alfredo Marquez, Sgt. Red, Sgt. Randell who served with me in 3/325 Inf. C. Co., 1st Plt., 1972, to verify that I hurt my back on a jump at Ft. Bragg. Medical records were lost; I need witnesses. Contact: Robert Rigler, AF-7750, P.O. Box 244, Graterford, PA 19426-0244.

Looking for anyone who served with 544th Eng. Co. or 36th Eng. Bn. and witnessed mortar attack in 1968 that hit Vung Tau Airport and nearby barracks. Contact: Forney Shrewsbury, Box 36, Justice, WV 24851; 304-664-9207;

Looking for stories and pictures of Black Scarf Bn., 1st/2nd, 1st Inf. Div. for a book that I am writing. Pictures will be returned if requested and can be e-mailed to Contact: Luther Patton, 2779 W. 115th Pl., Jenks, OK 74037; 918-296-3742.

Looking for anyone who served with my brother, Floyd E. Kanatzar, who was a Boatswains Mate on the USS Stribling DD 867, USS Perkins DD 377, USS Bronstein, and the USS Floyd B. Parks. He died from exposure to Agent Orange. Contact: Donald F. Kanatzar, P.O. Box 851; Springdale, AR 72765; 429-751-9221.

Looking for anyone who served with C Btry., 6th Bn., 56th ADA, Hahn Air Base, Germany, 1974-76, especially Ronald Tromley, Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Larry Hampton, Haltom City, Texas; and Roger Frank, Grosse Ile, Michigan. We served with Army Air Defense Arty. Btry (Vulcan/Chaparral) that provided air defense for Hahn (50th Fighter Wing), located near Wueschheim, Germany. Contact: Roberto D’Avanzo, #155476, Southern Michigan Correctional (JMF), 4010 Cooper St., Jackson, MI 49201-7552.

Looking for women who served with Women’s Recruit Bn. 3A and went through Parris Island Recruit Depot, February 1965. Also looking for Douglas Johnson from Lafayette, Georgia, who served in Vietnam in 1967. Contact: Patricia Phillips Pollard, P.O. Box 968, Chickamauga, GA 30707.

Looking for anyone who served with me in HHC 5/31, 197th Inf. Spt., especially medics who went TDY to Ranger camps in 1971. Also anyone who served with me in 128th Medical Evacuation Hospital, 1972. Contact: Jose Luis Guzman, #4162889, 2605 State St., Salem, OR 97310.

Looking for anyone who served with me at Camp Love near Danang, 1967-68. I served in USMC with 3531 Mtrvhopr. Need information for PTSD claim. Contact: Richard E. Brown, 21 Rose Ln., Presque Isle, ME 04769; 207-764-2999.

The son of Gary T. Murphy from upstate New York is looking for anyone who served with his father in 199th Light Inf. Bde., July 1968 to March 1969, and RTO with HHC, 4th Bn., 12th Inf. Contact: Don Amorosi, 14 Catherine St., South Glens Falls, NY 12803-5102;

Looking for anyone who has served aboard the USS Paricutin AE-18. Contact: Jim Poelstra, 267 MC 405 Fouke, AR 71837; or David Rowlett, 115 Colonial Dr., Hendersonville, TN 37075;

Looking for anyone who served with 3/18 Arty., C Co. or HQ Co., 1971-72, Minh Xong Fire Base. Contact: Leonard Worthy, 305 Mayflower, Pittsburgh, PA 15206; 412- 361-1735.

Looking for shopmates who served with me in 460th Field Maintenance, Corrosion Control and Paint Shops, and Wash Rack, Tan Son Nhut, August 1969-70, especially Tom Ide, Ellis, TSgt. Chitwood, TSgt. Cox, and Harry Sims. No problems; just want to hook up. Contact: Elmer W. Ingram, Jr., 128 N. Wells Ave., Glenolden, PA 19036; 610-586-6162.

Would like to find the parachute riggers who served with me in Co. C, Support Bn., 1st Bde, 101st Abn. Div., Phan Rang, Cam Ranh Bay, and River Compound, April 1967-68. Contact: Randy Waite, 404 W. Union City Rd., Union City, MI 49094; 517-741-4705.

Looking for anyone who served in U.S. Army, Co. A, 4th Bn., 21st Inf., 11th Inf. Bde., 1968-69, Chu Lai and Duc Pho, especially Bobbie S. Sidhu, James Lesch, and Donald Peterson. I was awarded the Purple Heart. Contact: Rex E. Miller, 612 Windy Gap Rd., Aleppo, PA 15370; 724-447-2885.

Looking for anyone who served with me in 175th Assault Helicopter Co., 1st Aviation Bn., Vinh Long, January 1969-70. I was a door gunner. Contact: Eddie McGuire, P.O. Box 302, Midway, GA 31320; 912-884-5863.

Looking for LTC Dale T. Davis who served with me in Advisory Team 95, Bien Hoa AFB, Train Compound, 1967-68, including the Tet uprising. Would like to hear from him or anyone who knows his whereabouts. I think he was from Texas. Contact: John E. Morgan, Sr., 1271 Highway 16 East, Jackson, GA 30233; 770-775-7778.

Sgt. Ray Carter, 525th Military Intelligence Grp., Saigon, Newman Compound, 1968, is searching for Robert Klein for verification of service-connected PTSD claim. Contact: Joe Bartlett, P.O. Box 948, Mexia, TX 76667; 254-562-5240.

Trying to find Capt. Glen Taylor who served with U.S. Army. Last contact was at Pleiku AFB, 1967. We were also stationed in Neubiberg AFB, Germany. Contact: Kitty and Bill Seward, 913 W. 12 Mile Rd., Dafter, MI 49724; 956-496-3035.

Looking for anyone who served with me in 101st Abn., 2/502, A Co. and D Co.. Also would like to hear from Dale who served with me in 101st HQ Co. Contact: Wilbur Gaspard, 632 Mahaw Ln., Branch, LA 70516; 337-684-3476 or 337-580-3794.

Looking for anyone who served with Plt. 120, MCRD, San Diego, March to May 1965, especially Sgt. Tom Carder. Contact: Richard A. Carmer, 15867 N 17th Way, Phoenix, AZ 85022-3379; 602-363-4057.

Looking for anyone who served with me in Co. B, 1st Bn., 18th Inf., June 1969 to March 1970. Contact: Ray Norman, 190 W. 24th St. (A-6), Bayonne, NJ 07002; 201-823-4683.
Looking for anyone who served with Co. B, Security Police, USAD, Qui Nhon, 1969-70, especially Baxter, Smith, Neil (Blindman) Courtney, and Choy. Contact: Tom (Spoon) Mauger, 305 Glenwood Dr., Douglassville, PA 19518; 610-385-6128;

Incarcerated veteran looking for anyone who served with HHC, 3rd Bn. or B Co., 11th Eng. Bn., Ft. Belvoir. Contact: Milton T. Smith, #227512, 13800 McMullen Hwy. SW., Cumberland, MD 21502.

Trying to locate anyone who served with AIT Training Command, Ft. Polk, January to June 1974. Contact: Clance W. Bynum, 501 S. Persimmon St., Pine Bluff, AR 71602; 870-489- 0205.

Looking for anyone who served with my brother, SFC Charles E. Hall, 95th Advisory Team, who was KIA at Bien Hoa January 31, 1968. Also, anyone who served with me in 569th Eng. Co. (Topo), I and II Corps, 1968-69. Contact: Paul N. Hall, 1045 NW 70th Terr., Ocala, FL 34482; 352-873-4361.

Looking for crew members and maintenance personnel who served with 129th AHC, Lane Army Airfield, An Son. Contact: Barry Winkler, 4100 Aberdeen Ln., Lake Wales, FL 33859; 863-326-1437;

Looking for SSgt. Alex Y. Corral, an infantryman who served with Charlie Cobras, 1/52 Inf., OPFOR, NTC, Ft. Irwin, California, 1988-92. Contact: Harry T. Conn, 60 Beechwood Terr., London, KY 40741; 606-864-6448.

Looking for old friends who served with D Trp., 1/10 Cav., 4th Inf. Div., An Khe, 1970. Camp Radcliff. The platoon sergeant was Sgt. Van Horn. Remember tragic firefight on “The Hill.” We were the “ARPs” (Aero Rifle Plt.). Contact: Ross “Hippie” Cirri, 77 Nicholson St., Rochester, NY 14620.

Looking for James C. Post, who served with River Section, Patrol Div. 534, 1968. Contact: Wayne Forbes, 2315 Longview Dr., Coatesville, PA 19320; 610-384-4613.

Looking for anyone who served with Military Police downtown Pleiku, during Tet Offensive January 1968, especially Desk Sgt./Operations Sgt. Also Brig. Gen serving on Inspector General Staff for that area. Contact: James C. Adams, 109 Clayton Dr., Newport, NC 28570; 252-223-0235.


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