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January/February 2005

Make A Difference


As we emerge from the holiday season, we reflect with pride on the good we, as members of VVA and AVVA, did in our local communities. Although we are not millionaires, we try to help our fellow men and women. We go to schools, detention centers, and boot camps to talk to our young people and deliver the positive message of how they can make a difference in the future. We let them know of our mistakes and hope the next generation will learn from our transgressions.

Evidently, we are not doing enough. I know that the VAD Program is working and growing in many areas. But gangs are growing across the nation.

You have heard about the drug epidemic. If you think it is not real, you are mistaken. Kids today are getting involved with drugs, gangs, and violence at younger and younger ages. Why? Because the gangs know that young kids are easily swayed and impressionable. Plus, they are told that because of their ages, they wonít be punished harshly when arrested. The amazing part is that kids are duped and the parents have no idea what is going on.

The problem is exacerbated by the rising number of latch-key children. Families increasingly are unable to survive on a single salary, so both parents work. Some have more than one job. Single parents have it even tougher. That is where VAD comes in. We can help before things get totally out of hand.

If you donít get involved now, later you may be saying you donít understand how your grandchild became hooked on drugs or how terrible it is that she was killed by gangs. It can happen to you. One in five families has been devastated by drugs and violence. That is the sad reality.

You can make a difference. If enough of us get together, we can make a difference. It is up to you.


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