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January/February 2005

Opportunity Knocks


With another year in front of us, another year of opportunity presents itself. Take time to be proud of the past year’s accomplishments and start planning for new projects. Every year seems to give us new challenges as we carry the torches forward from the past.

Al Gibson, Missouri State Council president and the chair of VVA’s Employment, Training & Business Opportunities Committee, continues to provide us updates. He wants to hear from you if your state has new, interesting, and important programs in this area. Send him an e-mail,, and he will include it in his updates.
New State Council presidents include Ed Gaudet from Iowa. I attended a meeting in Marshalltown, and it was organized, efficient, and orderly. Good job, Iowa. Wisconsin also has a new State Council president: me. Yes, with my retirement, I decided I would have the time to commit to the region and my state. Wisconsin has a new program called “Mission Welcome Home.” It’s a statewide effort to support our newest generation of veterans. VSOs, the state, and other governmental agencies—along with businesses and citizens—are joining together to help new veterans get what they have earned.

Our seasoned presidents—Mike Kuhn from Kansas, Jerry Kyser from Minnesota, Dottie Barickman from Nebraska, Dan Stenvold from North Dakota, and Al Gibson from Missouri—will be there for us, always willing to share their experiences from their many years of hard work.

A regional meeting is scheduled for April 29, 30, and May 1 in Milwaukee. The meeting begins on Saturday and concludes early Sunday morning. All candidates running for national office are invited. They will be asked to address our region. There will also be a 30-year commemoration of the end of the Vietnam War. Call to make your reservation at the Holiday Inn City Center, 414-273-2950. Rates are $69 per night. The group name is Vietnam Veterans of America. Hope to see many of you at this meeting.


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