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January/February 2005

Convention Planner, Part 2


This is the second in a series of articles to help you plan for this year’s National Convention in Reno, Nevada, August 9-14. In the December issue, we pointed out that the number of delegates a chapter may send is based on the chapter’s active VVA membership as of February 28, 2005. To be represented by a delegate at the Convention, a chapter must have at least 25 active members on that date. 

Look at your current membership roster, the “Detailed Membership Report.” Do you have at least 25 VVA members paid through February? If not, you’ll need to do some fast recruiting and convincing your lapsed members to renew. Also, if your chapter membership is near one of the multiples for additional delegates (50, 100, 150, and so on), you need to be sure that you have at least that many members paid through February or later.

The next step is for state council and chapter presidents to look for their delegate authorization letters. By mid-March, we’ll complete the processing of February’s membership transactions and calculate the number of delegates each state council and chapter is authorized to send to the Convention, in accordance with the VVA Constitution, Article I, Section 6. We’ll send a letter to each state council and chapter, showing the number of active VVA members and the number of authorized Convention delegates. Contact the VVA Membership Department if you believe there are discrepancies in the numbers shown in the delegate letters. 

The Convention registration form will be published in each issue of The VVA Veteran until the Convention. The form also is available on our web site at Most chapters begin registration after their elections are held in April.

Next issue, we’ll cover the details of the delegate registration process. In the meantime, focus on planning your active-member numbers as of February 28, so you can be sure to be represented at the Convention. Contact the VVA Membership Department at or 800-882-1316, ext. 115, if you have questions on planning your delegate representation at the Convention.


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