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December 2004

Welcome Home, Utica


At the most recent New York State Council meeting, Joe Kristek, the Central District Director, submitted his resignation because he and his wife will be moving to North Carolina. Joe will be missed by all of us in New York, but we know he’ll serve veterans in North Carolina with the same dedication he demonstrated in New York.

A brand new chapter, 944, received its charter from State Council President John Rowan. The new chapter is located in Utica in central New York. We congratulate them. Welcome home.

Ed Vick, a Vietnam veteran and the retired CEO of Rubicam & Young, served as facilitator for a VVA Board planning session as an unpaid volunteer. The conversations roamed all over the map. The VVA Board adopted a motion emphasizing that VVA officers, directors, committee chairs, and others not campaign while they are on VVA- funded business. The Board also adopted a proposal to hire an outside legal firm to eliminate the backlog of claims appeals at the national office. I also attended meetings of the Membership Affairs Committee, Veterans Affairs Committee, the Healthcare Committee, and a second Finance meeting.

Remember that 2005 is a Convention year. It’s not too early to begin planning and fundraising to send chapter delegates.

Things to do in Reno include visiting the National Automobile Museum, which lets you travel through time like few other places. Every car has a story—a little tale about who and where and why. You can stroll down period street scenes and explore decades of intriguing automobiles. Go to for more information.

You can also visit Hot August Nights, a place that gives you the chance to relive those wonderful days of drive-in movies, cruising Main Street, boppin’ at the Malt Shop, or just hanging out in your cool car with your best guy or best gal listening to some great music on the radio. The web site is

You can check out the city of Reno at and the Convention hotel, the Silver Legacy, at  Let’s make this Convention the biggest turnout for Region 2 yet.


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