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December 2004

Paul Skoglund: 1937-2004


Photo: Michael Keating

Paul Skoglund

Paul Skoglund, a leading member of Northern Virginia Chapter 227 and a former executive director of the VVA national office, died October 29 in Cantonment, Florida. The cause of death was cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Skoglund is a former enlisted man who retired an Army major. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam. During 1966-67, he was with the Fourth Infantry Division in the Central Highlands. He spent 1971-72 with the Second Signal Group in Long Binh.

After retiring from a 23-year Army career in 1978, Skoglund received his B.A. from St. Martin's College in Lacey, Washington. He then earned his M.A. in management and human relations from Webster University in St. Louis.

Skoglund was a very active member of the Dean K. Phillips Memorial Chapter 227, serving over the years in many capacities, including president, vice president, treasurer, chair of the DMZ to Delta Dance, and delegate to the Virginia State Council.

"Paul was dedicated to veterans and to VVA," said longtime Chapter 227 member Lou James. "He played a major role in the success of the chapter. His death came too soon, and we all will miss him very much."


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