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December 2004

Keep In Touch


Congratulations to Texas, which was incorporated on October 6. I would like to thank the VVA State Councils and chapters that supported the people in the Southern states who were affected by the hurricanes. Thanks also to the many AVVA State Councils, State Representatives, and affiliated chapter members who have worked on projects and sent money and supplies.
Our Leadership Conference will take place in Reno during the VVA National Convention. Plans and ideas already are being looked at. Registration for the conference for AVVA members will be $40 for the books and access to the seminars.
Sonja Holybee and I attended the Gold Star Mothers’ banquet along with many other AVVA and VVA members. They had a full house. While we were there, we discussed a program in which the Mothers need our help. In this program we will send sympathy cards to the families that have lost loved ones in Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are working with DoD to obtain addresses. Because of the Privacy Act, this project may take some time.
Flag brochures have been ordered and should be available shortly. You may obtain them by contacting Patsy Varnell at The Paper Safe, a tool to organize vital papers, is another project, and we are proud to say it has been copyrighted. Each of the Regional Directors has received a supply.    
All the suggestions made at the Long-range Planning Meeting in Nashville have been instituted. Sonja is working on the web site to update it. She already has altered the link page. Fran Davis is working on the Veterans Day Program at Branson, Missouri. She also has taken over the program of sending sympathy cards to the families of deceased VVA and AVVA members. Sadly, Father Phil’s list only seems to grow longer.
The Officers and Regional Directors are here to help in any way. Please keep in touch with us.
Together Always.


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