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October/November 2004

Hats Off


This year's Leadership Conference is one of the best I've attended. Everybody had a chance to attend every seminar. All presenters did excellent jobs informing and answering questions. The half-day off helped members clear their minds and gave them time to tour. My hat goes off to the committee that put the Leadership Conference together.

Region 7 was represented with 45 members from all four states. Region 7 has lost several members recently. We lost our former Regional Director Jim Riggs, who served from 1997-99. We will always remember him for the service he gave to Region 7. We also lost Daniel E. Bannan, the Arkansas State Council chaplain, and Gerald Patton, Jr., Chapter 467 secretary. Our prayers go to all.

An election was held in our region in June. Our officers are: Gary Trice, Ark.; Richard Delong, La.; Nate Washington, Okla.; and Buster Newberry, Texas. We wish them the best. Awards were given out for the Region 7 Chapter of Year; Chapter 467, Ark.; Chapter 215, La.; Chapter 751, Okla.; and Chapter 923, Texas. The Region 7 Veteran of the Year is Dean Reynolds of Chapter 137 in Dallas. He was given a plaque and an American flag for his outstanding work.

Texas AVVA has submitted the paperwork to be the first to be incorporated in Region 7 We wish them the best. Kathy Andras from Louisiana was elected Region 7 AVVA Director.

Now that the Leadership Conference is over, we must prepare for the 2005 National Convention where we will elect national officers. We must work on getting more new members, while retaining the ones we have in Region 7.


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