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October/November 2004

Many Thanks


It's been a pretty tough September in Florida. First it was Hurricane Charley, then came Frances, and then Ivan, and then Jeanne.

So, for four times this month we've been prepared to evacuate. Of course, this time of the year all of Region 4 is prone to hurricanes, from Puerto Rico to Mississippi. I am very proud of how the region came together in assisting Florida in its time of need. And it wasn't just the region. State councils, chaptersall of VVApitched in to help. Truly, we are a brotherhood and sisterhood of our own. To all of you, I speak for all Floridians when we say, "Thank you and God bless." We will always remember and forever be in your debt.

Congratulations to all newly elected state council and chapter officers. Alabama elected a familiar face, Wayne Reynolds. Seems he just left this post a couple of years ago. Welcome back. Craig Tonjes of Florida stepped right up, as did James Gilmer from Georgia and, of course, Jorge Pedroza in Puerto Rico.

To Ken Rollins, Albert Lewis, and Dave McMichaels: Thank you for your dedicated service and devotion in serving the veterans of your states. I know that stepping down is not stepping away from being there when needed.

It was great to see so many of the newly elected officers at the Leadership Conference in Nashville. There were 35 representatives in attendance from this region. I know that they all came home full of energy, fresh ideas, and ready to take the reins and lead their state councils and chapters to serve veterans, their families, and communities.

Let's not forget our commitment to veterans. Push for mandatory funding to insure that all veterans receive the health care they deserve. It is the responsibility of the administration and Congress, which sends our men and women off to battle, to take the responsibility to care for them when they come home.



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