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October/November 2004 FYI FROM THE VA  





The Locator is intended to help veterans find former fellow servicemembers.  We do not run items for those seeking employment, selling merchandise, or "personal" ads.  Nor do we run notices for children searching for absent parents.  VVA does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, nor does VVA endorse any group, individual, or cause cited herein.

Would like to hear from anyone who served with me in 635 Supply Sqd. (POL), U Tapao RTNAB, Thailand, June 1968-69, or in 565 Supply Sqd. (POL) at Nakhon Phanom RTAB, Thailand. Contact: Royce E. Lincoln, 250 Brownswitch Rd., Apt 187, Sliden, LA 70458; 985-639-3402.

Searching for anyone who knew Lt. Col. Merle Deane "Terry" Turner who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps and flew B-17 bombers out of England in 1943. He also served in the Korean War. He later served in Vietnam flying C-123s and was KIA September 4, 1967, in Lam Dong. His son would like to know more about his father. Contact: Douglas Hawes,

Searching for Steven Banks from Atlanta who lost a leg while serving in Vietnam. He used to hunt and played high school football in Atlanta in mid-'60s. Contact: Bill Griffith, 770- 587-2847;

Searching for anyone who served with my husband, Gale Schoeneweiss, in Co. D, 1st Bn., 502 Inf., Trp. B, 7th Bn., 17th Cav., March 1971 to April 1972, and remembers him passing out because of malaria and being taken to a field hospital. He has had a liver transplant due to hepatitis C and needs information for VA claim. He remembers Doc from Connecticut who played a guitar, and Mitchell. He served in Pleiku. Contact:

Searching for information on two members of my troop, Shoemaker and Harris, both from Detroit, who served in 1st Sqd., 9th Cav., Trp. B, 1st Cav. Div. (AM), and were KIA in 1970 in Quan Loi. Contact: Jerry Moore,

Looking for an organization that would assist me in returning dog tag to John Huebner on the exact location that I found it, a beach in San Diego. I have searched for the  owner for over eight years and finally located him. Contact: Tanna Toney, 619-271-3900; 619- 254-6429 (cell);

Looking for basic training graduation book, November 1968 to February 1969. I served with C-1-1, Ft. Campbell; Ft. Knox, February to May 1969; Ft. Bragg, 12 Sig. Grp., 123rd Sig., 123rd AVN; and 1st/46th, 196th LIB, Chu Lai and Danang, August 1970-71. Contact:

Looking for anyone who served with me in Btry. C, 2/20th ARA, 1st Cav. Div., Camp Evans, 1968. Contact: James R. Hillard,

Looking for Paul T. Leboeuf from Homer, Louisiana, who served with HHC
, Vietnam 1967. Contact: James W. Wallace, 27613 Woerner Rd., Elberta, AL 36530; 251-986-5220;

Searching for Paul S. Douglas who served with 79th Main. Bn. or anyone who knows his whereabouts. We corresponded during his service in Vietnam and the last letter I received was in 1971. I would like to know what happened to him. Contact: Debra Gray;

My husband, Michael Fallo, is trying to locate a copy of his basic training
from Ft. Dix, 1987. All of his military records were destroyed. Contact: Debra Fallo,

Looking for Lt. Doug Simpson, Capt. James Davis, Leonard P. Connely, and Donis Smith, who served with 519th Mil. Bn., Vietnam, 1966-67. Contact: Donald Stacks,

Searching for family of Joseph Despres who enlisted in Worcester, Massachusetts, to advise him of death of his brother, Howard Omar Despres, who served in Vietnam. Contact: Cynthia Despres,

Searching for my father, Larry Anthony Griffin from Detroit, who served with the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. Contact: Sabrina Griffin, 1022 Woodsedge Dr., Apt. E, Augusta, GA 30904; 706-733-8159; 706-731-9855; or

Looking for anyone who served with my father, Robbie Rann Gammon, Sr., now
deceased, who served in Vietnam War and who allegedly was AWOL. Contact: Sarah Mueller,

Looking for anyone who served with me in 1st Cav., 15 S&S Supply Bn., November 1968 to January 1969. I served at Song Be LZ Airbase and drove a forklift loading bodies on skids and into C-130 for transport. Contact: Stephen Duman, Jr., P.O. Box 12, Harbeson, DE 19951; 302-945-6766.

Looking for anyone who knew or served with a man with a general's rank whose first name was Richard and who died in a plane crash. Contact: Mark O'Hara, 9110 Tiffany Dr., Miami, FL 33157; 305-252-0260.

Looking for anyone who served with me in B Co., 2nd Bn., 28th Inf., Black Lions, June to November 1967. Also anyone who served with Co. C., 2nd Bn., 21st Inf., Big Red One, especially Robert Ellis from Long Island and anyone who knew Huberta Ortega from San Antonio who was KIA on February 2, 1968, while walking point. Contact: Dale McKay, Sr., Rd. #2, Box 1352, Mansfield, PA 16933; 570-549-2520.

Searching for anyone who served with me in M Co., 1st Bn., 7th Mar., who survived night of November 4, 1968, when I was wounded and medevaced out. Also anyone who served with B Co., 1/7, 1st Plt., January to August 1969. Contact: John Korman, 407686, P.O. Box 861-3FF, Trenton, NJ 08625.

Looking for anyone who served with me in C Btry., 1st Bn., 8th Arty., Cu Chi, 1966. Contact: Tommy M. Townsend, 182 Bullins Rd., Ocoee, TN 37361; 423-338-2912.

Looking for anyone who served with me in 1st FSR/FLC, Red Beach, Danang, 1967-69. Contact: Paul "P.J." Greene, 17690 E. Jefferson Dr., Aurora, CO 80013;

Looking for anyone who served with me in 20th Eng. Bde., HHC, 159th Eng. Grp., Long Binh, November 1970-71, for possible reunion. Also looking for Ronald Nepal whom I served with at Ft. Gordon or M/Sgt. Moore who was the reenlistment sergeant. Contact: Fred Van Pala, 11 Sperry St., Milford, CT 06460; 203-877-3038.

Trying to locate Milton P. (Sonny) Vasquez, the hero of Hill 8515, who served with M Co., 34d Bn., 9th Mar. I need to undo an injustice. Contact: Gordon Hebert, 42 Wildflower Way., Santa Fe, NM 87506; 505-986-1944.

D Co., 3/187, 2nd Plt., 1970-71, is looking for Sgt. Jack and Hippie. Contact: Michael Daugherty, 48 Birchwood Rd., Windsor, CT 06095; 860-688-9328;

Would like to hear from anyone who served with 3rd Shore Party Bn., 3rd Mar. Div., 1967-68, Dong Ha, Phu Bia, and Hue, especially in 1967 in Dong Ha when  ammo dump and fuel bladders were blown up. Contact: Wilmoth Cooper, HC-65 Box 259, Harman, WV 26270; 304-227-4197.

Trying to locate anyone who completed recruit training at Camp Pendelton, 3rd Plt.,
November Co., 2nd Bn., 1st Inf. Training Reg
., graduating September 12, 1969. I was the Marine in front of the platoon flag in graduation photo. Contact: Jerry Quaranto, 412 Spring Green Rd., Warwick, RI 02888; 401-463-6917;

Looking for anyone who served with my cousin, Frank Zydzik, Jr., from Wisconsin in 2nd Plt., Delta Co., 3/21, 196th LIB, May 1969, and was KIA January 7, 1970. Contact: Lee Smolen, 1904 Santa Barbara Dr., Waukesha, WI 53189;

Looking for anyone who attended Ft. Polk, Co. B, 2nd Bn., 4th C&S Bde., Cook School, January to February 1969, and also served with HHB, 1st Air Cav Div. Arty., May 1969 to April 1970. Contact: Tracy Johnson, 103 Stone Branch Bottom, Chapmanville, WV 25508; 304-855-9579.

Would like to hear from anyone who served with 363rd Aviation Support Detach., Phan Thiet, 1968-69. Remember Commander Cleveland Petite and SSgt. McCoy? Contact: Robert U. Johnson, 3006 Linwood Ave., Baltimore, MD 21234; 410-882-4520.

Looking for anyone who witnessed a vehicle being hit by dump trucks from 3rd Eng. Bn.outside of Phu Loi between September and October 1970, that killed Vietnamese civilians and children (for PTSD claim). Contact: Robert L. Hicks, P.O. Box 40, Newark, MD 21841;

Looking for anyone who served with me at Ft. Bragg in Co. A, 5th Bn., 1st Bat. Bde., USATCI, February to April 1969, and witnessed my being the victim of violent assault and robbery. Our DI was Sgt. Madrid. Contact: Robert L. Hicks, P.O. Box 40, Newark, MD 21841;

Looking for HMC Felix Patchofsky. We last served on USS Atka (AGB-3), 1966. Also interested in hearing from anyone who served on Atka who served in Vietnam. Contact: John Cole Green, 103 Standpipe Dr., Rockland, MA 02370;781-982-1565.

Looking for Cpt. Gordon R. Exley III, Lt. Larry D. Inman, Lt. William A. Joyce, Lt. Alfonza Ware, Lt. James M. Holcombe, and Lt. Robert J. Martin, who served with D Co., 2nd Bn., 5th Cav., 1st Cav. Div., May 31, 1970. Contact: Gerald McDaniel, 624 N. Hwy. A, Lamar, MO 64759; 417-884-5104.

Please send photo if your unit had an extraordinary, rare, or special crest or logo on its vehicles. Contact: Norman Ryman, #137652, P.O. Box 534, Jessup, MD 20794-0534.

Trying to locate veterans who served with my brother, SP4 Walter Levon Clark, 9th Inf. Div., Co. C, 2nd Bn., 39th Inf., and later served with 4th Inf., Ft. Riley, Kansas, 1966, and Vietnam in 1967. Contact: Viva Hargis, 510 Heidi Cr., Chattanooga, TN 37415; 423-870-3869.

Looking for anyone who served with me in 557th Light Maint. Co., Cam Ranh Bay, September 1971-72. Contact: Vernard Eden, 2835 N. 45th St., Miwaukee, WI 53210; 414-899-0388.

Searching for name of "Doc" Corpsman and administrative assistant who recorded my head injuries and severe concussion when we departed January 1, 1968, off USS Iwo Jima, and around the third week of January 1968, the FLSG-B at Quang Tri/Ammunition Storage huts got hit and at least five people were killed. Contact: Milton M. Chee, P.O. Box 1775, Crownpoint, NM 87313; 505-786-5700.

Trying to locate Spc. Robert Mills from Newton, Iowa, who served with me in 546 Med. Detach., Ft. Benning, 1971. Would like to pay for damages to your car. Also looking for Spc. Warren "Squirrel" Millet from Louisiana to repay debt. We met at U.S. Army Hospital, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, 1971. Contact: Phillip M. Garter, MS Dept. Corrections, No. 04491, Unit 28, B-Zone, Parchman, MS 38738.

Searching for Mike Nordon, somewhere near Gainesville, Florida, who served with me in U.S. Navy, HM2, near Hoi An, April 1970-71. He was last stationed with III MAF Combined Action Group, Memphis NAS, April 1971. Contact: Bill Sonntag, 3400 Pecan Park Dr., Flower Mound, TX 75022; 972-539-5856.

Looking for FMF Hospital Corpsman Ernie Vargas, HM-2, from Washington state who served with Lima Co., 3rd Bn., 1st Mar., Vietnam, 1966-67. Contact: Donald C. Amorosi, 14 Catherine St., South Glens Falls, NY 12803; 518-792-2057;

Looking for anyone who served aboard USS Coonte (DLG-9) during an attack by torpedo boats in Tonkin Gulf. Three North Vietnamese boats were sunk, and 19 North Vietnamese prisoners were later taken to Danang. Contact: Henry R. Kizziah, 6735 Hargrove Rd. E., Tuscaloosa, AL 35405; 205-553-8040;

Searching for officer who possibly served with 3rd Mar. Div. in Con Thien, February 1969, to verify when my legs and feet were burnt. I need testimony for Purple Heart. Contact: Donald F. Myers, 44 State Rt. 197, Ft. Edward, NY 12828; 518-747-3837.

Searching for any one of five veterans who served with me in 84th Eng., Co. D.,
Vietnam, 1970, wiring helicopter hangers. View pictures at Contact: Donald Cone, 2913 Diamond Ln., Bates City, MO 64011.

Searching for anyone who served with 14th Field Arty. Reg. Bns., any time periods. Visit association website at Contact: Charles Maldonado, 8428 Cactus Creek, San Antonio, TX 78251; 210-681-0132;

Looking for Lt. Wrightmyer who served with C Co., 1st Mar. Div., 1st Eng. Bn.1969-70, who stepped on a landmine near LZ Ross and was taken to Philadelphia Naval Hospital. I helped medevac you and later ended up at Philadelphia with you. Contact: Joseph Novak, 1460 Potato Valley Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17112; 717-599-5668.

Looking for anyone who served and was trained by Vietnam NCOs and officers at MCRD, San Diego, 3rd Series, Plt. 3029, March to June 1976, and achieved records to establish new high scores in drill field orders. Contact: Frankie Doyle Teague, No. 531768, Stiles 3060 FM 3514, Beaumont, TX 77705; 915-673-5236.


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