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August/September 2004

The Annual Fellowship Awards


I want to thank each of you for the faith and trust you have placed in me to lead AVVA for the next two years. It is an honor and a pleasure to serve you.

It seems like only yesterday that we gathered in Orlando with Nancy Switzer giving us guidance about how to achieve our goal of forming Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America. Now we have all returned home from a busy week in Nashville, celebrating our fifth anniversary as an organization, electing new officers and board members, and recharging ourselves with the energy and determination to continue our mission.

The new officers and board members are:

President, Mary A. Miller; Vice President, Fran Files Davis; Secretary, Patsy S. Varnell;
Treasurer, Sonja Holybee; Region 1, Susan Chechoski; Region 2, Linda Haberkorn; Region 3, Nancy Nix; Region 4, Mary Yeomans; Region 5, Judith Bolio; Region 6, Diane Kuhns; Region 7, Kathy Andras; Region 8, Sandra Pitcox; Region 9, Anne Pancrazio; and Special Adviser, Allen Manuel. The past board worked extremely hard, and I know that the new board will continue that legacy.

Bylaws were discussed and adopted, and our good friend and legal counsel Mike Gaffney will be filing our papers with the IRS in the next few weeks.

Our biennial meeting was crammed with important information, and I want to say a special
thank-you to our Founding President Nancy Switzer for her tremendous work preparing for this meeting. Our luncheon had over 200 attendees who gave ovations to Kate Pantroilla and Janis Roznowski, American Airline flight attendants who received the AVVA Fellowship Award. Kate and Janis fly soldiers into Iraq and Afghanistan and home.

Nancy presented charters to states that have incorporated: Illinois, Nevada, Maryland, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Congratulations. Texas finished its incorporation papers. We cannot forget the Power Point presentation that Jim Doyle gave for AVVA's fifth anniversary.

Many AVVA members took advantage of the Leadership Seminars offered by VVA. Knowledge and training was presented on subjects to enable continuing leadership at home in local VVA chapters and affiliated chapters.

We will continue working "Together Always."



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