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July 2004
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We Need You

Here we are in a national election year, preparing for our Leadership Conference, where we will discuss issues of concern to our membership and learn new ways to continue to do the right thing by our fellow veterans and their families.

Vietnam Veterans of American has always demanded the truth for those who served this country. We have always asked that our government do the right thing and take care of those who served. And when the government screws up, we believe that it should take responsibility and correct the wrongnot waste time trying to hide the evidence, which, unfortunately, often happens. We won't give up until the truth is told and those who have suffered as a result of the lies are taken care of.

We must look at our elected leadersand all those serving in Washington and elsewhereto see what they are doing to help this nation's veterans, as well as our active-duty sons and daughters.  Can we lead by the work we do, addressing the needs through our visits to congressional offices? Absolutely. We are leaders, representing veterans, equipped with information that is hard for any elected representative to argue against.

We have mailed information to every chapter and state council on mandatory funding for VA health care, as adopted by the Partnership for Veterans Health Care Budget Reform, which comprises nine veterans service organizations. The information contains tools that can answer questions about this issue. Discuss it at your next meeting. Prepare members to visit their representatives to ask that they do the right thing by supporting this issue. This is our health care system, and whether you use it now or later, let's make it right for veterans and those VA employees who care for us. Vote for someone who will make a commitment to support what is right. It is important for all VVA members to show their interest by making appointments with their senators and congressmen to make the case for supporting veterans and mandatory funding.

We also mailed a VVA Vote for America 2004 package to every chapter and state council. It has all the election materialsincluding issue papers, posters, bumper stickers, and buttonsneeded to register voters in the November election. Please use the tools this election year. Order more "VVA Vote for America 2004"  packages from the national office. Get people to exercise their right to vote. Let them know the importance of that right.

Thank you all for being part of this organization, helping us to make a difference in the way those who served are recognized and cared for. Your patience and efforts are appreciated as we fight for what should be a given for our nation's veterans. Keep up the good work. We will continue to make the difference.

Always remember those serving today and the sacrifices they and their families are making. Whenever possible attend ceremonies of those returning and being laid to rest. We can make a difference by showing support for the family and friends. Let them know that we value their loved one's sacrifice. We will continue our support for those who served and for those serving today. God Bless.



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