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July 2004

Free Advertising


How would you like to have a free advertisement for your chapter or state council, seen by thousands of Vietnam veterans each year? All you have to do is submit an election report. We use the contact information from your election report to update the Chapter Locator on the VVA web site, Your election report provides the telephone number, e-mail address, and web site for your chapter. This is one of the most effective and inexpensive means to let veterans know about your chapter. The election report also includes contact information that we provide to the many veterans who call the VVA national office, asking about chapters in their communities. If your chapter or state council contact information on the Chapter Locator is not up to date, please send corrections to or call the membership department at 800-VVA-1316.


We have established a new membership category for permanently hospitalized veterans, as called for in a resolution passed at the 2003 National Convention. The membership type is PHV, and membership dues are waived for eligible applicants. This membership is open to any Vietnam veteran who is eligible to join VVA and who is a permanent resident of a health-care facility where he or she receives care for a chronic medical condition. The health-care facility can be a VA, a non-VA hospital, or a nursing home. The chapter transmittal form has been revised to add this membership category, and a PHV membership application has been created. Please visit the forms library on our web site,, or call the Membership Department to order forms.


A new feature in The VVA Veteran lists important information about benefits and services available to VVA members. The Member Services/Member Benefits box (see below) is a useful reference for members who need to submit an address change, request a replacement membership card, or transfer their membership. It also includes information about VVA's insurance programs, logo checks, address labels, and credit card programs.


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