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May/June 2004
Sergeant At Arms Report

A Million Thanks


This is going to be over the top. After 37 years of being away from the beautiful country known as the Republic of South Vietnam, I was rudely introduced to Agent Orangeor as the VA doctors call it, a run-in with a toxic material. I was admitted into the VA Hospital in New Jersey. After several days of examinations, it was determined that I have two tumors in my brain. A brain biopsy indicated that I have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I went through chemotherapy treatment. As I write this, I am due back in the hospital for my seventh session of chemo. There will be one more session. After a month off, I will start radiation treatments.

To all national officers, directors, committee chairs, state council presidents, chapter presidents, and chapter members, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the prayers, flowers, cards, and telephone calls. They have helped my recovery. I especially want to thank Grant and Kaye Coates, who stayed on top of things and made sure that everyone who wanted to know was advised of developments. I also want to thank Randy Barnes for his utmost concern about my well-being, and Alan Gibson, who went out of his way to express his thoughts on my getting well.

The last person I would like to thank should have been the first. Saving the first for last is the one person who shared all my pained and soulful moments and was there for almost every waking momentFara, my wife. Although her father only recently had died, she helped me through one of the most horrific times of my life. To her I say, "Without you I could not have made it. Thank you and I love you."

Your prayers gave me the will to keep going.


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