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May/June 2004

Lobbying, Honoring, Healing


April 20 was a day on the Hill for VVA. VVA Board Members and State Council Representatives met with their Members of Congress to lobby in no uncertain terms for
mandatory funding for heath care for veterans. No more year-to-year begging to maintain
an over-stressed health-care delivery system for the finest segment of our population,
veterans. It was a long day. To top it off, afterwards we went over to Walter Reed to visit
convalescing soldiers. As I talked with those wounded soldiers, I remembered the
promises of a VA health system that has eroded since my departure from Vietnam. I
don't want this to happen to them.

I heard many positive comments from all who participated. VVA National Government
Relations staffers Rick Weidman and Bernie Edelman are leading this effort. They did a
great job. But the job won't be finished until we all vote for politicians who will support
mandatory funding for veterans health care.

The Daughters of the American Revolution paid tribute to a Region 6 member. Kansas
State Council President Michael Kuhn received special recognition as Outstanding
Veteran-Patient. The National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, gave this
recognition to him for his outstanding achievements in personal, professional, and family
life. He was also recognized for his contributions of leadership, patriotism, and increased
public awareness of veteran-patients.

A yellow ribbon campaign was started in Topeka, Kansas, by VVA Chapter 604. The
campaign gained strong support and, before long, Topeka was sold out of yellow ribbon.
When Country Radio Station 94.5 came on board and encouraged the listening audience
to come on down and pick up yellow ribbons, it wasn't long before almost every tree in
Topeka had a yellow ribbon supporting our troops. Thanks to State President Michael
Kuhn, VVA chapter 604, and Country Radio Station 94.5. Topeka, Kansas, has shown
true patriotism in a time when our country is at war.

It's been almost thirty years since the end of the Vietnam War. Let's try together, as a
group, to diminish tensions and anger that still exist after thirty years. If you have
reconciled and are at peace with yourself, it is especially important for you to be at VVA
Milwaukee Chapter 324's Thirty Years After the War commemoration. Those of you who
have found peace will have an opportunity to share that peace with others.

Healing wounds of the heart must be accomplished if we are to find peace. It's time to
overcome the resistance to healing; it's time to resolve contradictions and
incompatibilities. Join us for camaraderie. Listen to important Vietnam War-related
speakers, dance to the music from back then, and meet old and new friendsall on
Milwaukee's beautiful lakefront and War Memorial. Join us next April 30th. This one's
important. Mark the date on your VVA chapter events calendar. For additional
information, contact me at



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