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May/June 2004
Public Affairs Committee Report

Do You Care? Vote


The Public Affairs Committee, with the encouragement of VVA's national officers and Board of Directors, has begun an ambitious project to educate, inform, and inspire American citizens to register and vote. The VVA Vote for America 2004 project will continue until Election Day November 2. Former VVA national presidents Mary Stout (1987-1991) and George Duggins (1997-2001) are leading the effort.

Those of you who attended the National Convention in St. Louis remember the rousing call to action by Keynote Speaker and Medal of Honor recipient Paul Bucha. In his speech, Bucha challenged each of us to take part in the democratic process by participating directly in the presidential primaries and the general election. We are making plans for VVA delegations to attend the Republican and Democratic National conventions to make a case for a strong veterans' plank in both parties' platforms.

We all know the failures and successes of the VA system. It is up to each of us to be strong, forceful advocates for renewing the system that bears the motto, "To care for him who has borne the battle, and his wife and orphan.''

Election materials, including issue papers, posters, buttons, and postcardswill be distributed soon. The Public Affairs Committee urges each of you to talk to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and relatives and inform them about the importance of voting.

You have probably noticed how the major party candidates have made an effort to woo veterans. But on November 3 we will likely be relegated to the back burner once againunless we are actively involved in the electoral process at the local, state, and national levels.


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