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The Locator At Work

I would like to thank all the veterans who responded to my Locator ad regarding cysts, rashes, and exposure to Agent Orange, and sent me their own histories related to their exposures. I am hoping the VA will look at what we are trying to say and we will be treated accordingly.

Tom Moore
Auburn, New York

It Stands Alone

I've just finished reading Jim Belshaw's article in the March/April issue about Lee Teter and his 1988 painting, Reflections. I liked the article. Teter's painting is one that stands alone among all the many great works of art. It is truly remarkable and moving.

Loren Flaugh
Primghar, Iowa

Thumbs Up!

I just wanted to take a moment and give you all a thumbs up for Marc Leepson's column in the March-April issue of the Veteran. Marc did part of his column on me and a recent award I received at work. Although I only received my issue a few days ago, I have been deluged with mail from veterans, spouses, friends and children for the past three weeks. And all were citing Marc's work. He did more to publicize the Vietnam records in one article than I have been able to do in constant speeches and articles over the past decade and more. So thanks for supporting Marc.

Incidently, "Arts of War" is my favorite part of your paper and will immediately turn to it every time the Veteran hits my mailbox.

Thanks again for your work in making The VVA Veteran such a lively and informative

"Shaun" Shaughnessy
Washington, D.C.


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