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March/April 2004

A Conference of Gulf War Vets


The National Gulf War Resource Center will hold its Eighth Annual Gulf War Illnesses
Conference April 30 to May 2. In keeping with Vietnam Veterans of America's motto, "Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another,'' NGWRC requests that all VVA chapters reach out to Gulf War veterans and other interested parties to inform them of our upcoming conference. VVA has been an integral part of NGWRC's successes over the years.  Without VVA support, the legislative accomplishments we have made in Congress for Gulf War veterans would not have been possible.

This year's conference presenters will include 1991 Gulf War veterans, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom veterans, Vietnam veterans, Department of Veterans Affairs officials, anthrax vaccine experts, Department of Defense experts, VA Research Advisory Committee members, and independent researchers. These presenters will discuss recent high-profile breakthroughs involving Gulf War veterans' illnesses and important issues surrounding current operations in Iraq.

Lessons learned from the 1991 Gulf War and the experiences of Gulf War veterans have shaped the Force Health Protection measures that were employed for Operation Iraqi Freedom. This year's conference will focus on the most current scientific knowledge on illnesses from the 1991 Gulf War and the failure to apply lessons learned during Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. The intent of this discussion is to educate veterans, the public, panelists, media, and Congress. Our findings will shape the NGWRC legislative agenda for the coming year.

The conference will be held at the Holiday Inn, Arlington, Va., from April 30 to May 2.
Conference agenda and registration information can be found at NGWRC's website, For more information, contact Steve Robinson or Brett Howe at 301-585-4000, ext. 162 or ext. 119.


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