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March/April 2004


A resolution passed at the National Convention calls for the waiver of membership dues for permanently hospitalized Vietnam veterans. To implement this resolution, we have established a new membership category, PHV. The term of membership for PHVs will be PERM (for "permanent''), and we will not send renewals to these members. This membership is open to any Vietnam veteran who is eligible to join VVA and who is a permanent resident of a health care facility, such as a veterans or nursing home. The chapter transmittal form has been revised to add this membership category. Copies of the new transmittal form will be mailed to each
chapter and state council, and they are available on our web site,

We have made some changes in the veterans incarcerated program to make membership administration easier. In those states where VVA membership dues are fully waived (states other than Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia), the term of membership will be changed to Duration of Confinement, which will be abbreviated DOC on the rosters. Rather than renewing annually, memberships for these veterans (membership type IVI) will continue until one year after the member is released. Because many institutions return or confiscate membership identification cards, new and renewing incarcerated veterans (membership types IVI and IVA) will receive membership confirmation letters that do not include an "ID Card.'' These changes will be phased in over the next year.


The VVA Constitution was amended at the National Convention last August to allow one chapter or state council officer to hold a combined secretary/treasurer position. A chapter or state council can continue to have a separate secretary and treasurer, or it can opt to have one person serve as secretary/treasurer. Another amendment gives chapters and state councils the flexibility to establish only standing committees it deems necessary. These standing committees used to be mandatory; now the state council or chapter can decide which committees it needs to best serve its purposes. The election report only needs to list those committees that are actually established.  The election reports have been revised accordingly and are available on our web site.

To print forms from the web site, go to Click "Site Index" in the upper left-hand corner of the home page, then scroll down to "Forms." Click on the form you need to open it, then print it.


The 2004 VVA & AVVA Membership Directory is nearing completion. Members who ordered the directory should receive it in May. If you have questions about your order, please call the Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company at 800-877-6554.


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