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January/February 2004

Work and Recognition


Iraq continues to take the lives of our troops. I have been to three funerals in Wisconsin since the last issue of The VVA Veteran. Rachael Bosvelt died in an explosion. She served in the 18th MP Brigade, the same unit I served with in Vietnam. Eugene Uhl III and Warren Hansen died when their Blackhawks crashed into each other. If we can go to these funerals, we need to go. I offer my most sincere condolences. That's about all I can do. But the families need to know their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters are not forgotten.      

It has been a busy time of year. I received a request from Mike Meyer for assistance in getting blankets to an R&R center in Kuwait. Let's work on this and get some blankets over there. If you need further information, please contact me. The address in Kuwait is:

  B Detachment
546 PSB (Camp Virginia)
APOAE 09327-1896
Attention: Specialist Hargrove

The shipper is the VFW Foundation.  Use FedEx account number 2401-8298-8, check "Bill Third Party."

You will need to fill out a FedEx commercial invoice. They need these blankets ASAP. They also could use some letters. 

Region 6, in conjunction with the Minority Affairs Committee, will present a  recognition program for Native American Vietnam War veterans. This special program will take place at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas. The date is February 14 at the Coffin Sports Center. The basketball game starts at 5:00 p.m. The recognition award will be presented at half time. A veterans club will provide a color guard. They are happy to be part of this presentation. If someone you know is interested, pass the information along. If you know Native American Vietnam War veterans, invite them.   

The veterans club is planning a special presentation of a statue to commemorate Native American mothers whose sons and daughters served in the armed forces. If you are interested in donating for this project, please contact me.

I have received a few Region 6 special project recognition award applications. I want to see more. I will not set a deadline, but the applications need to be received within a few weeks of the Leadership Conference that starts August 4.  There is no formal application. Just write it up and submit it. 

As we move into 2004, continue to do the good works you do.  Set some goals for   yourself and your organization. Do not lose sight of goals that are close at hand and   nearly finished.  If you can see the end is near, finish your project and start another. The work we do isn't so hard when we do work we enjoy. I am involved in a project that builds libraries in Vietnam and Laos. This project is successful because we trust each other, we quietly do the work that needs to get done, and we ask for help when we need it. Remember the person you ask for a helping hand may be that person who has been waiting for an invitation.    


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