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January/February 2004

Haunting Faces On Perpetual Patrol


With the New Year, the Public Affairs Committee again is working on a full slate of issues and projects. VVA Poet Laureate Steve Mason has begun to compile an anthology poetry submitted by our membership. The anthology's format hasn't been determined, but we hope to complete this project by the end of the year.

At the upcoming leadership conference to be held in August 2004, representatives from the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project will lead workshops on conducting interviews, making the collection of oral history much easier for our members.

We have resumed the VVA video history project. We hope to capture on tape the stories of our members, why they became involved with VVA, and the sometimes rocky road we faced as an organization to get where we are since our founding in 1978.

VVA was the first organization to support the installation of a plaque within the 13-acre Vietnam Veterans Memorial site in Washington honoring those who returned home, only to die later as a direct result of their participation in the war. The Vietnam War In Memory Memorial Plaque design ( has been accepted and the bronze plaque has been cast. We have been asked by the project founders to host the 2004 dedication ceremonies.

Our excellent web site ( is in a constant state of development. In the coming months, you will see changes and additions that will expand the range of information and simplify navigation. Our goal is to make the VVA web page the site of choice for those seeking information about services, benefits, and programs for veterans and their families.

From now until November, VVA and the Public Affairs Committee will devote a great deal of effort in support of our 2004 VVA Vote America! campaign. This effort
will include public service announcements, posters, voter registration materials, and other resources to help our membership mobilize fellow veterans and the American public to honor the service and sacrifice of our nation's veteransand those serving nowby getting out and voting for the candidate of their choice.

Row after row of white crosses and Stars of David in national cemeteries across the nation demand we exercise our franchise and vote for those who lead us. More than 58,000 names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington cry out tous not to forget them by sitting quietly at home on Election Day. The haunting faces on perpetual patrol at the Korean War Memorial demand that we recognize their service by marching to our polling places on Election Day.

Please join with us and pledge to acknowledge and respect the service of those American men and women in uniform around the world who daily fight the battle against international terrorism.

VVA Vote America 2004!


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