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January/February 2004

Resolution Implementation


New Years greetings to all. It's time to announce the make-up of the new VVA Membership Affairs Committee and update the membership about the actions taken by the committee to implement the Convention resolutions. 

The VVA Membership Affairs Committee consists of Lupe Alviar, Jr., vice chair; Carol Baker, Tom Berger, Fred Elliott, Hank Evans, Ned Foote, John Miterko, Charlie Montgomery, Johnny Pancrazio, Charlie Richardson, Fara Sanchez-Schafer, and Dick Southern, members; Nancy Switzer, Nancy Montgomery, and Marcia Hicks, special advisers. 

VERIFICATION AND SECURITY OF DD FORM 214 (M-1-03): requires that every applicant for individual membership in VVA must provide a copy of his or her DD Form 214 or other acceptable documentation establishing eligibility for membership. These documents are to be kept at the local level in a confidential and secure manner in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. Verification to the national organization shall be done by the local chapter secretary or, in the absence of the secretary, a designated chapter official.  Every new membership application received in the national office is checked to be sure that a DD Form 214 is submitted and that the nature and dates of service conform to the membership eligibility criteria. The same is done for all new life membership applications, even those from current individual members. In cases of missing DD Form 214s or those that do not meet the eligibility criteria, the member is contacted. If the issue cannot be resolved, the applicant is offered membership in AVVA.

COMMUNICATION BETWEEN VVA'S ORGANIZATIONAL LEVELS (M-2-03): recognizes that the national office must reply to all communications from state councils and chapters within five working days and state councils and chapters must reply to all communications from the national office within ten working days. The Membership Director/Staff and the Membership Chair/Committee respond on a daily basis to all communications pertaining to membership. The Membership Affairs Committee is continuing to provide a direct avenue for the membership to express concerns, problems, and ideas to the committee by the Membership Affairs Committee and State Council Membership Chair (MACSCMC) contact list. Also, periodical updates pertaining to membership are sent to the MACSCMC contact list, and the State Council Membership chair then provides the distribution to the chapters. 

MEMBERSHIP GROWTH AND RETENTION (M-3-03): requires, at all levels in VVA, the development of a master plan to recruit and retain members, using all available resources on a priority basis. The 2003 VVA Membership Survey was conducted to provide information pertaining to attitudes, opinions, and demographics of the VVA members. The survey data was used to facilitate VVA's current strategic planning to develop the "Membership Development  Plan." The 2003 National Membership Retention and Recruitment Plan includes short- and long-term goals (one to three years), incorporating maximum effort coupled with minimum cost to VVA. 

WAIVER OF MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR PERMANENTLY HOSPITALIZED VETS (M-4-03): requires the waiver of membership fees for all otherwise qualified Vietnam-era veterans who are permanently hospitalized and wish to join the organization. Chapters and state councils enrolling such veterans waive all rights to membership fees at their respective levels. The VVA National Board of Directors approved designating a new class of membership, "Permanently Hospitalized Veterans" and waiving the membership dues for these veterans during the November 2003 Board of Directors meeting.


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