VVA Veteran Minicover Photo: Philip James Corwin/Corbis
Fresh Papayas
A New Year's Revolution
Sandbag for a Machine Gun

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President's Message
Government Relations
Project 112/SHAD Task Force Report
AVVA Report
POW/MIA Report
Veteran Benefits Update
VAD Task Force Report
Membership Affairs Committee Report
Chapel of Four Chaplains Report
ETaBO Report
Region 6 Report
PTSD/Substance Abuse Committee Report
Agent Orange / Dioxin Committee Report
Public Affairs Committee Report
Minority Affairs Committee Report
Books In Review
Arts Of War
Membership Notes

Photo: Bettmann/Corbis

The Last Babylift Babies

Heather Constance Noone / Mai Ngoc Tran was born circa February 1975...[more]

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A Forgotten Tragedy: Death on the Evans
There was so much of the arbitrary about the Vietnam War, such as...[more]
Photo: Bettmann/Corbis

Photo: Michael Keating

One Belly-Dancing Marine
It's hard to predict how a guy might become a belly dancer...[more]