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January/February 2004

A Good Start For Congress


H.R. 2297 was accepted by both the U.S. House and Senate. With the President's signature, it became P.L. 108-183, the Veterans Benefits Act of 2003. Of particular importance to this committee is Section 305, Authorization for State Approving Agencies To Approve Certain Entrepreneurship Courses; Section 308 and Section 36, Procurement Program for Small Business Concerns Owned and Controlled by Service Disabled Veterans; and Section 309, Out-stationing of Transition Assistance Program Personnel.

This bill contains all the elements of Employment, Training, and Business Opportunities. It is not a panacea but is a very good start in getting the ball rolling if veterans take advantage of its provisions. To read the bill, go to and enter "HR 2297."

If you are a veteran small-business owner or a disabled small-business owner and would like more information on assistance available in government contracts or buying and selling to other veteran-owned business, feel free to contact me. We make a difference when veterans buy from veterans.

In the next report, we will publish a list of some veteran-owned companies and the products they offer. If you would like to be listed, please contact me or your state council ETaBO committee chair. If you have any questions about the three areas of our committee, contact either your state council or the committee members.

We always need help in getting the job done at all levels of this organization. Your state council president is dedicated to helping veterans but cannot do it alone. Please help by stepping up to the plate and lending a hand with your state ETaBO committee for the benefit of all veterans.

I can be contacted via e-mail:  or I look forward to working with all during the next two years.


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