The VVA Veteran minicover The VVA Veteran Cover: Frank L. Dunn
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President's Message
Government Relations
Region 4 Report
Women Veterans Committee
Homeless Veterans Task Force Report
AVVA Report
Veterans Benefits Update
Veterans Benefits Committee Report
Veterans Incarcerated Committee Report
From the National Chaplain
Membership Notes
Arts Of War
Books In Review
Kissing the Dead
"We Look Out For Each Other"
Proving PTSD Post-Prison Sentencing
Proving Their Medal

Photo: Michael Keating

Remembering The Women
VVA was well represented in the many events surrounding Veterans Day ...[more]

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Advocacy Training
Two dozen VVA members journeyed to VVA national headquarters  ...[more]
Photo: Michael Keating

Dragon Mountain, July 1966

The Men Who Served With My Father
I recognized Pablo Gallegos' signature long before I recognized his face...[more]