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October/November 2003



As the new Region 6 Director, I would like to say thanks to all of you who worked for me during my run for director and to all who voted for me. I intend to represent all members of VVA within Region 6, the National Board, and AVVA, as well as the entire membership of VVA whenever I can.

By the time you read this, I will have attended two, and possibly three, state councils within our region: Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Minnesota. I will meet my commitment to visit each state council within our region at least once a year during my term.

I plan to work hard on South Dakota and form a state council there. I have started on that effort with Dan Stenvold, North Dakota State Council President, and Dottie Barickman, Nebraska State Council President.

They both have contacts, and we hope to achieve this goal within two years. If anyone else has friends, relatives, or other contacts to help us in this effort, please let us know about them.

A regional award is being established. Solicitations for this award are being accepted now. If you are aware of a worthy current VVA or AVVA special project or program, please give us a description of the project, including such details as funding and budgets, who benefits from the program, how long this program has been in existence, photos of the project, names of key participants, and what VVA or AVVA chapters are affiliated with the project.

I want you to contact me whenever you need to. Use my e-mail address: Good commo was important then and it still is.

At my first National Board meeting as Region Director, packets were handed out with
information on duties and responsibilities. One sheet was a list of points that help a leader lead. I was impressed with them all, but would like to share one with you. I may share more of the points with you in future columns. The sheet was titled "Ground Rules.''

Rule number 2: Mutual Respect - Respect is the foundation of trust. Disagreements can be managed and respectful dialogue makes for creative problem solving. Disrespect tempts people to leave the organization, even when the disrespect is not aimed at them but they observe it.

This is a rule I would like to live by. Mutual respect is not being weak, it's just being civil. One's emotions can get in the way of clear thinking when things get out of control.


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