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The Locator is intended to help veterans find former fellow servicemembers.  We do not run items for those seeking employment, selling merchandise, or "personal" ads.  Nor do we run notices for children searching for absent parents.  VVA does not guarantee the accuracy of any information, nor does VVA endorse any group, individual, or cause cited herein.

Looking for anyone who served in SF Detachment A 416, March to June 1966. My father flew bird dog with 221 Aviation Co. Contact: Eugene X. Zink,

Looking for anyone who served with me in USMC, 2nd Bn., 5th Mar., 81st Mortars, Camp Evans, September to May 1967. I was hospitalized for 40 days, then took a direct hit on a bunker and was transferred to CAC Hotel 8, May to October. Especially looking for Sgt. Cortez. Contact: Danny L. Gray, P.O. Box 1558, Abita Springs, LA 70420.

Searching for my father, John Joseph Arredondo Ardaya, who served in Vietnam in 1970. Contact: Jorge Arredondo;

Looking for Jose Trinidad Lira, 319th Arty., 173rd Abn. Bde., Vietnam. Last contact was November 1967 at Dak To, Vietnam. Contact: Lawrence D. Okendo, 203 E. Pinecone Cir., Payson, AZ; 928-474-1607 or 928-472-7754;

Trying to help my dad locate William Ronaldson who baked bread for his unit near Vung Tau Airport, 1966-67, and later served in Germany. Contact: Tess Cameron,

Looking for family or friends of Capt. Michael Kerr to return copper MIA bracelet with his name and 1-16-67 inscribed on it that I wore in the late 60s. Contact: Linda McClain,

Need to locate anyone who served with 66th TOPO, 199th LIB, II Field Force, Long Binh, Bien Hoa, and Bear Cat, August 1967-68. Contact: Bob White;

Looking for USN Commanding Officer Lt. Roger G. Ruppert, Mine Div. 112, Nha Be, Vietnam, 1970. Contact: James J. McMahon, 16 Holyoke St., East Hampton, MA 01027; 413-527-3808.

Would like to hear from James Cutts, James Krajicek, John Walsh, Jr., Richard Brown, all wounded July 2, 1969, A Co., 3rd of 1st LIB, Americal Div. Contact: Bob Miller, 67 Gannett Rd., Farmington, NY 14425; 585-924-5296.

Looking for anyone who served with me in 497th Night Owls TFS, Ubon Air Force Base, Thailand, June 1968 to May 1969. Contact: Gene Ball, 1610 W. Avocado St., Tucson, AZ 85704; 866-877-9576.

Looking for anyone who served with 6/15 23rd Grp. Arty., March 1968 to June 1969. 105 Howitzers, not the SP, the ones you have to spread trails. Need help with VA claim. Contact: Earl D. Laplante, 46 Central St., Randolph, VT 05060; 802-728-5061.

Looking for anyone who served with C 1/502 Inf., 101st Abn. Div., December 1967-68, especially those who left from Ft. Campbell with the entire division. Contact: Grady L. Pratt, Sr., P.O. Box 204, Brownsville, OR 97327;

Would like to locate Howard Collier, Gary Gilly, Bob Filson who served with me at Phu Cat in 37 SPS, 1969-70. Also, Steve Molshoff from Bad Axe, Michigan. Contact: Bob Timberlake, 19942 Woodworth, Redford, MI 48240; 313-534-3308.

Looking for CWO Griggs, M Co., 3rd Bn., 5th Mar., 1st Mar. Div. The CO was H.D. Pettengill. Sgt. Keken got hit bad and I took him through the lines to be medevaced. Contact: Larry C. Cornell, aka Clarence Stout, #855918, New Castle Correctional Facility, P.O. Box A, A2-223, New Castle, IN 47362.

Looking for anyone who served with my brother, Spec4 David L. Maze, Co. B, 5th Bn., 60th Inf., 3rd Bde., 9th Inf. Div. Need to know what really happened to him on May 28, 1970. He loved guitar and was known as "Fingers'' or "Chet.'' Contact: Catherine Maze McFadden, 4607 Greenbriar Rd., Bainbridge, OH 45612; 740-493-8026.

Looking for USMC and Air Force photos of Danang Air Base, 1965-66, for photo book to raise funds for homeless veterans. Will return all photos. Contact: Jimmy Hill, 301 Locust St., Hammonton, NJ 08037; 609-567-1161;

Trying to locate Benie Perez who was a forward observer for C Btry., 1st Bn., 12th Mar., January to May 1968. Contact: John Fedyszyn, 1502 Impala Pl., Lady Lake, FL 32159; 352-750-2122.

A friend found a worn Bible with the name Sam Tomdevich or Tomdovich who served with 388th CMM Co. 56, 21st Ord. Co. D6 or O6. I think his parents' names were Helen and Harry. We would like to return the Bible to its owner or his family. Contact: Jane Frey,

Trying to find "Fenny,'' who worked in the Laundromat during the day and the NCO Club at night. He was either discharged or went home April 1971. Contact: Kathie,

Looking for sailors or marines who were aboard the USS Telfair APA/LPA 210. Contact: John Tonyes,

Searching for anyone who served with Bob Sharton, who recently committed suicide after suffering a long battle with PTSD. He served with 7th Mar. (He was in Operation Taylor Common) and also with Co. B, 3rd Amtrac Bn., 1st Mar., July 1969. His widow is writing a book about marriage to a Vietnam veteran. Contact: Jim Downs, 1303 Crestridge Dr., Oceanside, CA 92054;

Trying to contact anyone who served in 563rd Trans., 74th Recon. AP/N Co., or 184th Recon, 1968-69. Contact: Barbara,

Looking for anyone who served with 509th Combat Eng., 1970-71. Contact:

Incarcerated Vietnam veteran seeking corpsman who doctored my injuries at Udorn on October 15, 1962. Also looking for Maj. Siri Tiwaphan and Capt. Prasert Kwangkaew of the Paru, or someone to research National Archives of ICA/NSA foreign programs on my behalf for pending VA claim. Contact: Raymond E. Howes, 387211, Wynne Unit, Huntsville, TX 77349.

Looking for anyone who served with me in 11th Abn. Div., 188 Abn. Inf. Bat., Co. L, Augsburg, Germany, and can verify that I made a bad jump in September 1956 and severely sprained my left ankle. Contact: Robert D. Smith, 531488, Wynne Unit, Huntsville, TX 77349.

Looking for anyone who served with my cousin, Army Spec 4 Larrie Jack Gotcher, who was KIA March 22, 1968, near Bien Hoa. My mother gave me his medals and citations, and I would like to find out as much as I can about his service in Vietnam. Contact: Jack Gotcher,

Trying to locate our cousin, Jared D. Armstrong, who served in USMC, MAG-16, MABS-16, 1st MAW (Mt.), 1970-72. Contact: Dave Berrier,

Looking for members of 66th Eng. Co. (TOPO Corps) who served from 1966-67 in Long Binh near Bien Hoa. Contact: William J. Smith, 2 Plum Tree Ct., Randallstown, MD 21133-2500; 410-655-6695;

Looking for anyone with information about Capt. Bruce S. Gibson, U.S. Army scout pilot, 1st Aviation Bn., 1st Inf. Div., Phu Loi, who was KIA September 11, 1969. The crew chief, Red Hayes, survived the crash. Would like more information for closure. Contact: Gerry Wright, 248-874-7589; 800-632-2370; or

Looking for members of the 431st Covert Operations Unit who served under Leroy Jones. Contact: Michael Tharp, 76 Scotia Bay NW, Calgary, AB T3L 2A9; 403-241-2230;

Looking for family members of Maj. Vlademik M. Bacik, USMC, August 27, 1967, NVN-OW, to return POW/MIA bracelet. Contact: Kevin Brown, P.O. Box 601, Raceland, LA 70394;



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