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October/November 2003

Taking Names And Setting Goals


At the first meeting of the 2003-2005 ETABO Committee, I nominated Darrol Brown, Bob Caswell, Robert Corsa, Calvin Gross, Joseph Jennings, Keith King, William Messer, Fara Sanchez, Mike Schott, and Connie Steers to serve on the committee. Our advisers will be Charlie Richardson and Jeffrey White; special advisers: Judy Bolio (AVVA) and Jerry Kahn. Our staff liaison is Eddie Gleason.

We intend to accomplish the four Convention Resolutions and maintain a viable presence with the Task Force for Veterans Entrepreneurship, the Task Force for Veterans Preference, and the Professional Certification Advisory Board.

One committee member will be the primary points of contact for each of the resolutions, the task forces, and the Certification Advisory Board. We will push for full implementation of PL 106-50, The Veterans Entrepreneurship Act of 1999. Veterans preference in hiring within the federal government and the nationwide acceptance of a certification process are two other major concerns.

It seems (as if this is something new) that federal agencies have a problem accepting the laws on Veterans Preference and the Three Percent Rule for service-disabled veterans in contracting and subcontracting. Many still resist giving veterans any consideration in any federal programs or processes. I assume they are afraid of competent and efficient workers.

I want to remind you to check for new programs. They have made considerable changes to Capital (Small Business Financing and Capital Funding); Markets (eCommerce, Market Place, Purchase Net, and Pipeline); and Small Business Resources (Government Agencies, Entreworld, Fedbizopps, and Doing Business with Government). These topics can be of assistance in starting a business, expanding a business, getting the proper training (the do's & don'ts of starting and maintaining a business), getting your name out to the largest audiences, and veterans-buying-from-veterans opportunities. Your state councils and chapters can save money by purchasing from disabled-veteran and veteran-owned businesses.
Please check it out. Most of the programs are free so there is little to lose - and much to gain - in supporting your brothers and sisters.

If you are interested in working on any of these programs on the local or state level, please contact your State Council President. Help is always needed to get the job done - at all levels of the organization.

I can be reached at 573-474-2486 or 573-489-2486 or via e-mail: or I look forward to working with all during the next two years.


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