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The Opportunity To Serve

Our 11th National Convention is now in the VVA history book. More than 600 delegates gathered together in St. Louis and debated the issues, chose leaders, and set the course for VVA for the next two years. 

I want to thank all who have served at every level in VVA for the past two years. Your contributions to the success of VVA were recognized throughout the Convention. Our delegates conducted the business of the organization with professionalism and respect for each other. 

I am grateful to those who voted for me and have given me the opportunity to serve you as President for another two years.  I pledge to live up to your expectations. 

I want to welcome each of those who were chosen to serve with me and assure them that each of them is important to fulfilling our mission. I hope we can present ourselves as examples of our motto: "In Service To America."

I must say a word to those who ran for office but were not elected. You also play a significant role in our success as an organization. I sincerely hope that you continue to be part of our family.  

Two races were decided by only one vote. This is a bold reminder to those of you who were delegates - and those of you who were represented by those delegates - that each of your voices is critically important to our accomplishments.  

Thank you for your support, energy, and dedication to veterans.

Other highlights included the guest speakers, the VVA and arts awards recipients, the USO troupe that performed before dinner at the Saturday Night Banquet celebrating our 25th anniversary, and the Beatles tribute band that played after dinner. Thanks to all the delegates, AVVA members and VVA national staff for working together to make it a great week. 

Recently the committee and Task Force chairs have been approved by a vote of the Board of Directors and are ready to fulfill their responsibilities. I am eager to begin working with the new board and the committee and Task Force chairs to carry out the Resolutions you have adopted and to lead VVA as a team in our ongoing efforts to secure justice for all veterans. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Please keep our fellow veterans ad their family members who have been ill or have left this earth in your prayers. We are losing too many friends too early in their lives. We all need to be thankful for what we have.

We cannot - and we must not - forget those serving today, our sons and daughters and fellow Vietnam veterans.  

God Bless America. Peace.


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