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August/September 2003

Chapter Locator On Line


Thousands of veterans find out about VVA by visiting our web site. Twelve percent of new members join VVA by using the membership application form on the web. We have now made this recruiting tool more effective by adding telephone contact numbers to the chapter locator, in addition to e-mail and web contact information. Those of you who used the new chapter election report this year had an opportunity to provide this information for use on the chapter locator. To see how this works, visit and click on "Locate Local Chapter'' on the home page.  Then click on your state to see chapter contact information for your state.   

The "Location'' city is taken from the mailing address provided on your last election report. Sometimes this mailing address may be distant from the primary area served by the chapter. If you would like this "Location'' name changed to a more recognizable or prominent geographic description, please let us know. We'll be glad to change it so that it draws the most interest in your area. If you would like to add to or change your chapter contact information, please call me at 800-882-1316, Extension 115, or e-mail me at

This site is visited by thousands of Vietnam veterans, as well as members of your community who may be interested in your chapter's activities. Please consider making a telephone contact number available on the chapter locator. And keep a supply of membership applications on hand as those calls start coming in. 


Work continues on the 2004 Membership Directory, being produced for VVA and AVVA by the Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company. VVA has produced a directory every four years since 1992. Strong sales of the last directory in 2000 showed that this remains a popular item. Harris sent a questionnaire to all members in July, offering them the opportunity to review and update their directory listing. Please note that responding to this questionnaire is the only way for members to have their military service and business information listed in the directory.  

Between September and December, Harris will send postcard and e-mail reminders to members, giving them a toll-free number to call to review their directory listing and to reserve a copy of the directory.  Please note that to buy a copy of the directory when it is published next year, you must reserve your copy in advance by responding to the post card or e-mail from Harris.


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