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July 2003

Planning Ahead


The committee is working and planning for Veterans Day 2003. This year we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial and the service of women. A page on VVA's web site has a list of all the events. This list was produced in concert with the Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation, Vietnam Women Veterans Organization, The Women's Memorial, and Circle of Sisters.  

Please note that the web site will be updated as events or times change or additions are made. I want to thank all those who have helped with this project. They include the Women Veterans Committee, other national officers, Board Directors, committees, members of VVA, and VVA staff.  

I want to bring your attention to a new Internet site that provides information on all VA Advisory Committees. You can access it by going to  This location includes VA Advisory Committee meeting minutes and reports. Be sure to check the VA web site of the Women's Health Program Office and that of the Center for Women Veterans.  

The charter for the VA Women Veterans Advisory Committee was recently renewed. Begun in 1983, under Administrator Harry Walters, this is the 20th anniversary of this committee. A celebration will take place at the Women's Memorial in September.  

Keep watch for more information on the VA Women Veterans Summit 2004. This summit will be the third of its kind. The gathering of women veterans, speakers, presentations, and workshops has grown dramatically. It will be held in Washington, June 18-20. Although it is still early, the planning phase has begun. The location has not been determined, but the planning committee is working on a host hotel.   

This will be the last issue of The VVA Veteran in which I will contribute before the St. Louis Convention. I want to thank all the members and advisers of the Women Veterans Committee for their contributions, assistance, and support.  Without them, there would be no committee.  Their drive, enthusiasm, and commitment to women veterans and VVA are exemplary. They hold fast to the mission.     


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