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July 2003

Getting The Words Out


The role of the Public Affairs Committee is to recommend to the Board of Directors policies and procedures for internal and external communications. The Board either approves or rejects those recommendations, and then it is the responsibility of the Communications and Publications (C&P) Department at the national office to implement them.

The Public Affairs Committee has had a close working relationship with the C&P staff. This environment of cooperation has substantially enhanced VVA's ability to fulfill its mission.

Much of what the department does goes unnoticed, unless it isn't done. The talent and determination in the department accounts for the wide range of projects that it accomplishs, including the writing, creation, production, and distribution of press releases, public service announcements, the Veterans Collectibles catalog, the VVA and Vietnam Veterans Assistance Fund Annual Reports, and--of course--The VVA Veteran.

The department was instrumental in planning and executing many special events, including the 30th anniversary of the Tet Offensive ceremony in 1998; Rendezvous with War, the Vietnam War symposium at the College William & Mary in 2000: the Pentagon Papers Symposium at the National Press Club in 2001: the Yale Conference last September: and the March To Remember on Veterans Day 2002.

Often the C&P staff is directly involved in development of policy papers and positions. That strong, consistent message insures that Vietnam Veterans of America is a credible and dynamic voice for veterans.

The C&P staff is dedicated and hard working. I encourage those attending the St. Louis Convention to seek out staff members. Mokie Porter heads the department and is also editor of The VVA Veteran. Michael Keating is our staff photographer, and he assists with editing the paper. Marc Leepson is our arts editor and a staff writer. Carol Engle is our webmaster. Unfortunately, Xande Anderer, our art director, will not be attending the convention. Nor will Pam Turner, associate editor, or Hadiza Alio, our editorial assistant.


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