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July 2003

Guidelines for St. Louis Delegates


The purpose of the Credentials Committee is to insure the proper credentialing of all VVA delegates to the 2003 Convention. The membership of the committee consists of the nine VVA Regional Directors and a chair. The VVA National President appoints the Credentials Committee chair.


1. The VVA member strength as of February 28 determines both delegate and chapter count for that year's convention.

2. No transfers are permitted of VVA members between chapters within 90 days (May 1, 2003) of the convention start. Transfers for the purpose of starting new VVA chapters or transfers into different chapters when members change their residence may continue.

3. A delegate attending his or her first VVA convention must attach a copy of the DD Form 214 to the application. Delegates who have attended any VVA conventions since 1997 do not need to attach a copy of their DD 214s. All delegates are encouraged to have a copy of their DD 214s with them at the convention to answer any potential credentialing questions.

4. When a chapter elects not to send a delegate, it may transfer that delegate's vote to another eligible VVA member or to the state council president. Transfer authority must be in writing and signed by two chapter officers.

5. All challenges are to be brought to the attention of the Credentials Committee chair. The chair will then seek the applicable regional director, state council president, and VVA membership staff to clarify the delegate's credentials. If a challenge cannot be resolved at that level, a meeting of the Credentials Committee will convene and arbitrate.


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