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July 2003

Class of 2003


The Veterans Benefits Program conducted its annual basic service representative training class June 22 through 28. For the first time in the program's history, classes were conducted at VVA's national office in Silver Spring, Maryland. Our students represent a cross section of VVA. They came from 14 states, California to Vermont, and are involved with VVA at all levels: members, non-member volunteers, even a state council president. They will return to their home towns with knowledge and a new set of skills that will allow them to help veterans and their families in obtaining the benefits and health care that many so desperately need.

The students (and future accredited VVA service representatives) included: Michael L. Barker, Roy R. Beardsley, Peter C. Bessenger, Wilburn L. Dailey, David W. Douglas, Melvin L. Dove, Michael A. Draeger, Edward J. Gaudet, Sarah Haley, Robert M. Laguban, Lori L. Lamoureaux, James H. Lynch, Donald R. McDole, Michael R. Morgan, Anthony R. Musolino, John E. Olsen, Gregory A. O'Neill, Daniel P. Ouellette, John T. Phillips, Timothy J. Susengill, Leigh Ann Vogel, Lee J. Ward, and Gregory E. Williams.

Having the class at the national office allowed us to take advantage of a wide range of guest speakers, including national office staff and consultant attorneys. It also allowed for a guided tour of the VA Regional Office in Washington, D.C.


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