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May/June 2003

2003 Candidates Statements


     These Candidate Statements were written by those running for VVA office. The statements are printed exactly as received. All spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and spacing appear as they do in the candidates' original biographies. Statements exceeding the word maximum have been adjusted for length. The Candidate Statements are on file with the VVA Nominating Committee. Click on the Candidates name to view the statement.

2003 Candidate Roster
(Listed in alphabetical order)

Tom Corey
Alan K. Gibson

Vice President
Edward (Ed) Chow
Philip (Phil) Litteer

Mary Ellen White

Alan Cook
Wayne (Doc) Reynolds

National Board of Directors - At Large
Randy Barnes
Billee Culin
Lee Fisher
Marsha L. Four
Jerry Klein
Larry Klein
Steve Mason
Donald R. McDole
Bill Meeks, Jr.
Marshall R. Mudge, Jr.
Johnny Pancrazio
Douglas Perkins
Charles Richardson
John P. Rowan
Sandie Wilson

National Board of Directors - Regional

Region 1
John J. Miner

Region 2
Fred Elliott
Robert W. Maras

Region 3
Bruce W. Whitaker

Region 4
John T. Koprowski

Region 5
Lupe Alviar
Leverett Hobbs

Region 6
Steve Mulcahy

Region 7
Allen J. Manuel

Region 8
Jim Grissom

Region 9
Darrol L. Brown
Dick Southern


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